The birthday girl Natalia Mogilev: 5 facts about the singer

The birthday girl Natalia Mogilev: 5 facts about the singer

August 2, his birthday celebrates Ukrainian singer, actress, television host and producer Natalia Mogilevskaya.

From Kiev, who graduated from the Kiev pop-circus school, in 1995 began a solo career. To this day it has its listeners and connoisseurs of her work. Today behind shoulders of the actress is not one musical project and still so much ahead! Natalia Mogilevskaya pleases their new songs, often in duets with young performers.

In honor of the birthday of Natalia Mogilev edition tochka.net decided to recall a few facts from her life:

1. Natalia Mogilev during his career, received more than one status: honorary title of people’s artist of Ukraine in 2004, the status of the most beautiful women in the Ukraine in 2007, the title ”producer of the year” in 2012, and many others.

2. Natalia is one of the few Aristov, who sang a duet. Note that she mostly sang with such performers: Vitaliy Kozlovskiy (“Otpravila message”), Philip Kirkorov (“I’ll tell Tobi: “Wow”…”), Kuzma Skryabin (Ti meni not dash), etc.

3. Instruction of a father, as recognized Mogilev in an interview, are key to its success. At school she failed the exam. The Pope, seated opposite her, clearly explained why he has no respect for outsiders. Since then, she tries to do everything perfectly.

4. Natalia Mogilev has repeatedly stressed that honoring his family traditions, as she grew up in a family where the parents loved each other, despite the incompatibility. For myself, Mogilevskaya decided that it does not matter, if handsome be her man, a talented if… the priority For her, so he could make decisions for both of them.

5. Not to mention another sphere of activity of the artist – the talent show. She was a member of the jury, producer of various competitions, where he searched for talented people. Many of its players for many years pleasing their audience.


Source and photo: tochka.net