The biological father of millionaire Nicole Richie bad off

Nicole Richie has made great strides and can boast of millions of dollars, but her biological father is Peter Michael Escovedo barely making ends meet.

The journalists managed to learn that he lives in a dilapidated Bungalow, not paying taxes and interrupted by temporary jobs.
“Peter is too proud to ask for help from Nicole or her adoptive father Lionel Richie, although they know that he is not tight” -said the insider. In 2012, Peter had already faced the tax. Then he almost go to jail for a debt of 33 thousand dollars at a time, as Nicole has in Bank accounts more than ten million dollars.

However, Nicole herself does not believe that this man had something to do with it. He could make some money on their stories and interviews, but Lionel Richie, who raised Nicole as a mother, as a precaution, signed a contract involving the ban on talking with reporters about his daughter, her husband and children.
Recently, Peter and his civil wife Patrice had to move to a smaller home. The woman, according to sources, is very upset about the disastrous financial situation, but her man is a musician who considers himself a Bohemian, and can do without many material things.
Recall that upon learning that Peter Escovedo and his wife Karen moss can’t take care of his daughter, Lionel Richie and his wife Brenda Harvey (they are divorced) took Nicole up for adoption. In numerous interviews Nicole told me that considers them as his parents and that are grateful for everything she has achieved in life.

Source: http://radaronline.com
Photo: http://radaronline.com

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