The best spells and charms against evil forces

Often in life we pursue unhappiness and anxiety. Sometimes it seems that failure has no end. This is a reason to think that all around you lives some kind of evil spirit. To get rid of which will help to protective amulets and charms of our ancestors.

In each house lives a huge number of entities, most of them harmless. But happens so that from the street or from the cemetery to the house wander evil. You will immediately know what the presence in the apartment a haunting, evil spirits and evil spirits. The devil’s offspring do betray themselves.

If you pursue a black stripe, constant quarrels, sadness, which includes on arrival home and a series of failures. And the apartment quickly fade the plants at night and hear strange noises: noises, tramping, laughter — be sure your house lives an evil spirit, and maybe not even one. Then either he will chase you, destroying your life, or you’ll get rid of him.

Charms against the evil forces

Many protective charms are at your fingertips, you just are not paying attention. The most important is to know which things possess protective properties and know how to use his amulet against evil and evil.

Horseshoe. To protect your house from the machinations of the evil forces with the help of ancient Slavic amulet in the form of a horseshoe. Be sure to hang it over the front door. It is known that the horseshoe brings the flat happiness and expel all evil, negativity and evil spirits. Most importantly, she was with nails — it will strengthen protection.

The ring is one of the best talismans that can protect you from failures. It will drive away the evil spirits that surround you. A talisman can be absolutely any ring. The main thing is to charge it. Rings can be inherited from one family member to another. But not always rings carry a positive energy. The plot can be made and a new ring that will attract positive emotions, leaving the negative behind. It is not necessary to remove the ring from the hands, it is better to wear it constantly, so that the energy did not cease to circulate and accumulate. To turn an ordinary ring into a strong amulet against evil forces, using hex:

“Charge, my ring miraculous power of nature, and serve me a source of positive energy and light.”

After the plot on the ring is read, you need to throw a ring into a water-filled glass and add a little salt.

Plants also possess protective properties. Among the patrons of the experts of the site dailyhoro.ru secrete lavender, Thistle, Laurel leaf, nettle and garlic. Evil spirits are scared to death of the smell of these plants. Of course, first they need to collect and dry. After the plants has dried, you should form small bunches and hung up in the corners in the apartment.

Rowan. Our ancestors planted the mountain ash trees. It was believed that the energy of this tree drives away all evil away. Even the twigs of mountain ash is a strong and powerful amulet against any evil interference.

Incense. As you know, most demons, evil spirits and otherworldly entities to be afraid of incense. It is necessary to impose the flat pieces of incense, and its aroma from time to time to fumigate the whole house. Even soap with frankincense banish all the minions of the devil.

No evil will approach you, and certainly not wanders in the house, if you put a powerful protection not only by means of charms, but also protect prayers and best plots.

The best conspiracies of evil

To get rid of evil spirits and failures will help you protect word. About the power of the spoken word is legendary. It is known that words can even kill, that will be very useful in the fight against otherworldly forces of evil. Many people are using protect prayers, but in critical cases of esoterics suggest to read plot that will permanently rid himself of the trouble and get rid of evil forces. And then to thank the Lord and ask for his patronage and protection from further cases.

A conspiracy for the expulsion of evil spirits:

“Leave the Devil my house and my body, get out of my door and all of the corners of my hearth. There you place and honor, cross here the Lord God is kept, mother of God, virgin all-pure, all Holy Orthodox Church, and you get out of my house, of my body, and my soul, you evil spirit! Here, the power of the divine, angels bright and clean. There is no place for you in me, for thy treacherous and evil. Leave me alone, you evil spirit not harm me and my house, go to hell, where is the place for you! My word is hard like a rock! Amen! Amen! Amen.”

The plot of the devil and of demons:

This plot must tell a story on wax from a candle.

“Protect me God’s saints of the cross on each side. The cross on me, for I am a servant of God. Cross front, cross behind me. Cross of the devil to expel the evil spirits that dwell around me. Run away as evil spirits and demons from me, because I’m surrounded by the powers of heaven and of the Lord. Beside me is the son of God Jesus Christ, his mother the blessed virgin Mary, all the spirits of saints and angels all-pure! All surrounded by me and I protected them! All the demons from himself and chase the devil send you to hell where his house is true! And forevermore I will expel the devil that building intrigues me. Amen.”

The plot on the strength of unclean and evil spirits:

“The Holy spirit, the most pure mother of God, Jesus, the son of God. All on the side of my stand. My Guardian angel, save my sinful soul and keep you in my heart, selflessness, and grace. Strengthen my heart and spirit! My enemies, the Devil, evil spirits and evil spirits run away from me! Pray to God and atone for the sins of all the earth! Yes I will go to the Lord in Heaven! Yeah not gonna fall I’m the evil one and cast him away! Amen.”

If you truly believe that they are able to get rid of the evil forces that surround you, then you will succeed. And strong charms and the best plots will help you in this difficult struggle with Satan and his evil spirits. We wish you success, good luck. Let your faith grow stronger with each passing day. Take care of yourself