The best rituals of autumn: clear the house of negativity and attract prosperity

In the autumn, energy flows are updated. In this regard, everyone can change the energy of your home, expelling him from the negative and letting the positive energy.

Bring in your good house and rid it of negativity, our ancestors tried every time you change seasons. The most popular rituals in the spring, when winter retreats, and in the fall, before the immersion of nature in hibernation. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru it is recommended to conduct appropriate ceremonies before the cold weather to enter the new year with renewed energy space of your home. Also rituals will help to get rid of spirits, negative energy manifestations, damage and the evil eye.

The ritual for cleansing the house

This ritual will help you clear your space from unwanted energy. Assemble in a nearby Park bright maple leaves, bring them into the house and lay on the floor in all the rooms, saying:

“The trees shed their leaves to spring for a new freak. The leaves I collect, to bring home. All the negativity in them will gather”.

Gently with a broom to sweep up all the leaves from the farthest room to the threshold. They must carefully collect and take away. If you have the opportunity, burn the leaves or bury under an old stump.

Cleansing house from negativity

For this ritual you will need apples, which ripen in the autumn. Within each room, place an Apple on a simple paper towel and leave them overnight and in the morning carefully inspect each fruit. If the Apple appeared dents, mold or blackening, so in the space around it has clusters of negative energy. Take a bundle of dry sage and acurite room, and then thoroughly ventilate the room. Apple throw in the nearest body of water or trash can with the words:

“From the negative rid of, don’t need it. The house is cleaned, failure and poverty don’t know.”

The remaining apples can be eaten or taken into the street and lay down under every tree.

Attract prosperity into the house

Dial without barbed chestnuts peel, bring them into the house and put in a vase. To them each morning and toss a coin with the words: “Goodness grows”. At lunchtime, pour the chestnuts, a handful of any seed or grain, saying, “How many grains have fallen, so much good in the house came”. In the evening put in a vase in caramel, saying: “Home sweet but smooth”.

In a week when your vase is filled, leave it in a prominent place. Iterate over the contents of the vase frequently to energy prosperity circulating in space. Such a vase can leave the house until spring. Chestnuts must be returned to the earth, rump to feed the birds, coins to give to charity, and candy to hand out or put under the chestnut which “gave” you their fruit.

The expulsion of evil spirits and negativity

In the window openings, hang a few acorns. They would be scared off by negative pulses from the outside and take away the negative energy from a home space. In front of the entrance hang a Rowan branch with berries to the house was not move the evil force. Under the threshold or under the rug, place a sprig of wormwood. It also will not allow the negativity to seep into your home. Ripe hazelnuts or filberts, place in the most secluded place with the words:

“Domovenka meal instead of bread and cookies. Kernel sweet bite, my house guard”.

If the next day nuts you will not find, put in their place a ripe Apple or other fall fruit. This way you will be able to establish contact with the spirit of your home that is always ready to help in difficult times and will keep all the evil.

The rite for the prosperity of the house

Assemble platter with assorted fruits and vegetables, put it on the table and cover with a white cloth made of natural material. Leave overnight and in the morning give all to strangers with the words: “You treat us enrichment”. This simple ritual was performed by our ancestors. Generosity and unselfish distribution of their harvest contributed to the update of energy at home. Our ancestors believed that the positive emotions of all pustivshihsya gifts can bring home the prosperity and well-being.

Any of these rites must be carried out in a good mood. Negative thoughts, nervousness and melancholy autumn will be completely inappropriate. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru recommend everyone to do at least one ritual to celebrate the winter with updated energy home.