The best divination at Christmas time at home

Each person’s curiosity, especially when it comes to the future. With Christmas guessing you can learn that soon awaits you.

Christmas is a religious holiday, but, despite the fact that the Church does not encourage the conduct of rituals, the desire to know what will happen with us in the future, overpowers any rules. With the New year and to the baptism of the people begin to speculate on love, wealth and good fortune, as each day of this period has a special force and energy. Ceremonies conducted at this time, are not fruitless, but only if you do not make a mistake. The team dailyhoro.ru offers you the best options of Christmas divination. They will not take you much time, but their main advantage lies in the fact that to hold them at home.

Guessing at her spouse on the cards

The most common attribute of divination cards. With their help, you can find out what will happen to you in the near future, including about the changes in his personal life.

Before you go to bed, put it under the pillow of a deck of cards, and then say:

“My betrothed, come to me in dreams, let me know about yourself.”

Then don’t talk to anyone and just go to sleep. In the morning, not getting out of bed out from under the pillow of any card and look at the suit.

Worms — your betrothed will soon appear in your life. Perhaps this person from your close friends, so look to their friends and acquaintances of the opposite sex. Also, your meeting can be random, so try to spend more time outside the home.
Peaks — soon your life will be a loved one, but your feelings can be non-reciprocal.
Club — meeting with your beloved is going to happen soon, and it will be unexpected. So in the near future you will have to enjoy alone, but in the future you will certainly find your love.
Diamonds — you will meet your soul mate through friends, acquaintances or relatives. Your Union will be strong and feelings never will grow cold.

Guessing on love with coins

This version of divination suitable for both girls and boys. With this ritual you will be able to learn about the feelings of their loved one and about the future of your Union.

You will need a photo of your partner, two candles and 10 coins. Between the spark put a picture of your loved one, and then alternately roll the coins and record the number of times the coin shows heads.

0 — your relationship can be called ideal. In them there are mutual feelings, understanding and support. You may have already met the person with whom you can permanently bind their lives.
1 — you are loved, but your partner does not feel the feelings from your side. If you value your relationship, you show more attention and love to beloved one.
2 — your significant other at the moment, busy with personal Affairs, but soon you’ll feel the love.
3 — soon your couple facing serious difficulties, but you will be able to overcome them.
4 — you have a new baby coming.
5 — your feelings are unrequited, search for new relationships.
6 — your relationship is under threat. If you want to avoid breaking up, you show more attention to your loved one.
7 — in your life will be a homewrecker, maybe this will become a cause of separation.
8 — the relationship will be long, but together you have no future. Go in search of new love.
9 — soon in your life happen important event that can have a negative impact on relationships.
10 — unfortunately, in the near future, your Union can give a crack. Try to mentally prepare for a possible breakup and don’t be discouraged: you will definitely find true love.

Even if the result of divination you are not pleased, no need to be upset. Relationship is hard work, and only the efforts from both sides will provide your Union a strong Foundation and eternity.

Christmas divination in the future

Each of us wants to know about your future, and do it easily with the help of the Christmas divination.

For divination you need any old paper, candle and a flat plate. Ignite the newspaper and put it on the plate, then take a walk to her near the wall and note the shadow of your newspaper.

Round — soon you will face difficulties or fail in a series of unpleasant events which could have a significant impact on your life.
The vague shadow in the current year, you expect a major financial loss or dismissal.
Cloud wishes you in the New year, will soon turn.

Triangle and square — you will soon find a new love and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of romantic adventure. Union with your partner will be long.
Serpent in the circle of your friends will appear a traitor. Be careful with new acquaintances and have a good look at his friends.
The bow is a sign that soon you and your loved one will connect to each other in marriage. The wedding will be magnificent and will be remembered for a long time.
Heart — someone is secretly in love with you and soon recognizes this. Look around, perhaps your future partner day near you, and you just don’t notice his feelings.

Divination is just one of the ways to know your future. In fact, daily life gives us signs by which we can learn about the upcoming changes in our lives. Particularly noteworthy are the signs of the Nativity, because on this day a Higher power can give us important signal, and our task is not to miss it. We wish you good luck and happiness,