“The battle of psychics”: the search for a person in a hospital

In this issue we will talk about the participants. It will reveal some secrets about our psychics, as well as determine the main favorites of the season 18. Still we are waiting for new predictions.

In early release you will hear a few words about Irina Maklakova, who calls himself the guardian of the village of magic. She specializiruetsya conspiracies, whispers. It was called the good participant and the brightest mage in the project. She ,in turn, comments positively about all its rivals. The opposite Maxim Nikitin. This is the most secretive member of the “battle” which, as he himself said, charmed all the women. Tell us more about himself, he flatly refused, but mentioned that I was studying to be an exorcist.

First test: hospital, blood, and searches

Abandoned hospital, 600 chambers. Need to find a person by blood. Of all the guests who wanted to take part in the screening of psychic strength, only 6 left. The rest of the blood not want. It was delivered two copies — one main and one spare.

The rules were the following: the psychic takes the vial with a blindfold, but this time the person is hiding. To complicate the task, it was decided to do so. To increase the purity of the experiment it helped that about where the hiding person, only knew two of their satellite operator. The main rule: 20 minutes allocated to the psychic, he could only open one door.

The first was the keymaster. He gave the right tip, defining the floor but failed. I have to say that was close answers, but no one found a man in the hospital. Marina Zueva, for example, found that hiding the girl. She also went in the right direction, but then lost the trail. She found out the woman who helped to hide the visitor took her hand and reads way, but the girl herself doesn’t remember anything, so the witch nickol Onet found.

Sonia Egorova smeared with blood hands. The blood was a conduit between her and the girl who waited for her in one of the chambers. The psychic reached the chamber, even sitting back in exactly the place where the girl was. In the end, its closeness to the correct answer, too, was useless.

Irina Volkova, the lady with the dog almost found a young man, but she was prevented leading their advice, brought down the medium off. At one point she featured on the number 23, which is very important for hiding men and his companion. Later it turned out that with these figures involves a lot of pain and suffering for this pair. The result — failure.

Brother and sister did not come to a final agreement. Dana Alibekova repeated the word “one”. Really, the girl hid on the first floor, but the dissonance between the brother and sister did not give them the opportunity to answer correctly.

Alexander Kininov and his Tarot cards have contributed to the adoption of almost the right decisions. A young psychic guessed all except the house — it was near the one he opened. All the others suffered a complete fiasco — no one was even close to the correct answer, however, guests are not disappointed that in many respects became possible thanks to Konstantin Hecate. He called magical ritual spirits that can communicate. He saw one of them and ran after him. Psychic effectively knocked the door of one of the rooms, following the disembodied entity, but eventually lost the trail. He found a hiding place, our last guest, but it no longer mattered, because he had already opened two doors. In fact, he also lost, but showed himself stronger than the others.

The second test

It was a quick but very interesting test. Participants were asked to guess what is written on the tape. Leading put it in an old tape recorder and pressed the playback, but without sound. After that, the participants of the show had to say about their thoughts about what they “hear” and feel.

Many have said the correct and interesting things, but many have failed. On the tape were recorded by the cries and conversations of the mentally-ill long-dead girl from Germany. According to some people, she was possessed by demons, but others were convinced that she was just sick. The same opinion adhere and Constantine Hecate. It’s not that he’s a doctor, as he said, the man himself. It was because he felt a pulse of energy.

The witch Marina Zueva, on the contrary, immediately said and felt to blame otherworldly forces. Alexander Kininov, you might say, was the most efficient in this test because it answered the question of the leader first. He said that it was a woman, black hair, she screams and that is no music, tried to confuse all leading in the beginning. Rustam Serdinov really hear Freddie mercury and Queen, and Maxim Nikitin, guitar sounds and drums.

It is very important that in this release, all remained on the project. Psychics will be given one or two chances to prove themselves next Saturday. We will look forward to this, but for now try to digest the new predictions that were given at the end of the issue. Brother and sister Alibekova said that the victory of Constantine. Given that this is the second time we all surprising, flattering it not lead to the rankings of the strongest, because he’s already in first place. There’s only one question: will he be able to survive on Olympus long enough to take the top prize.

Passions run high, and it only remains to guess who of the participants would leave the project. The presenter hinted that it may be two. The 18th season of “the Battle of psychics” has just begun, and the event kept the audience in suspense.