“The battle of psychics”: the mystery of the cursed house

Finally, we waited for the new release of the mystical show on Russian television. This series once again touches dead people and the issues, which will be able to find answers only psychics.

This time asked for help by girls from the city of eagle. A few years ago, when they started to live together in the house was in harmony, but then killed himself the father. They are dead men later, two brothers also committed suicide, one hanged himself in the same place where the father of the other on the bar.

It was immediately clear that something is wrong, it is not a coincidence. The house was very scary to live. Mugs fell, strange things happened. During the life of one of the men said that someone is always standing nearby. This nightmare began in 2009 after the death of his father. Psychics need to guess. What’s going on in the house, what happened and how to avoid all this horror.

How did psychics

This test was the only in the week, so participants had to show themselves at once, because opportunities for rehabilitation were not available.

Alexander Kirinov was the first. Three kings. Three deaths. Three men. Tarot cards gave just the right answer. They said it was suicide. He managed to immediately impress the guests of the show. Then he saw number 7. At first girls did not attach any importance to this, but later understood. The number 7 shares the death of their men. 7 months between the first two deaths and nearly 7 years between the second and third death. Finally Alexander said that men died because of some otherworldly influence. Most likely, it was a woman. Alive or not is unknown. Alexander said she could bring something into the house, so it was a sort of curse. The main questions Alexander could not answer and the solution to the problem not given, but made a positive impression.

Jean and Dana Alibekova Kininova confirmed that three men had hanged himself in this house, and they did it largely because of the feminine essence. They said. That his anger she will happy to be anyone of the men living in this house. They conducted a protective ritual, and said that all should be well. This incomplete response was a little disappointing girls.

Ivan Shabanov this time everyone was surprised. He also saw three deaths, felt the presence of the dog house, but his research ended.

Next was the turn of Marina Zueva. Three murders, three hangings, all came to her at once. She said that’s not all. There was another death and another man. It was the officer, which really had found before. Marina said that there is no happiness, none of those living in this house, because a white officer many years ago did something terrible to some girl and she cursed this house, and all the men that lived there or will live. The plan of “salvation” she was not.

The lady with the dog like a Portuguese witch, said that in the house lived a soldier, but she saw not the white officer who lived there many decades ago, and no one else as the father of the family, who committed suicide first. Irina said that he caught his wife with her lover, who was beaten to death. Girls didn’t tell us, but it was. Father murdered someone, cheated on his wife, the mother of two boys, husbands of our female guests. The mother of a deceased man, which, as it turns out, lived next door, cursed cruel father-in-law. According to Irina, it was the cause of the problem.

Then we are told about those who failed to do anything. Maklakova Irina couldn’t help the girls, exactly like Rustam of Nurtdinov. The outsiders was the steward who saw the girl 7 years and Olesya Molchanova, who said that under the house is a rosy-cheeked blonde girl.

Sonia Egorov made a strong impression on the guests of the show, shedding light on the real truth. Its said it turned out many of the details of the lives of two widows. She said that the problems their husbands were the obvious first, like his father, suffered from alcoholism, the second was a drug addict. She further said that the father was killed, and one of the sons, who in a fit of anger, told my father to hang himself. The second son saw the first guilt and also wished him the same fate. It just happened. After seven years, the burden of responsibility for his brother’s death became unbearable, so he committed suicide and he. Sonia put everything on the shelves, the truth came out, the girls realized that the origins of problems much more superficial than it seems.

Last Constantine Hecate. He saw death and cause of death. Gave words of the dead husbands, wives, and then followed the most interesting. He felt the presence of a woman without the cross, died a horrible death. It was the mother-in-law girls. After infidelity, the father kicked her out of the house. In the end, she zaboravljas and drunk, but even that wasn’t the worst. In 2004, she died, but the father began to bury her and not even told about what happened to his sons. The woman was buried in a common grave and no one knew where she was. She is the reason all adversity, she never leaves the house, but Constantine decided to help the girls. All gathered and urgently went to the cemetery. He found his mother’s grave, and then held a ceremony bidding the spirit to remain at the burial site. The road to the house she’ll forget he promised Constantine.

The vote

This time serious and truly difficult test shouldn’t leave any doubt who is again the leader, but the judges ‘ decision was split, because not only Constantine, but Sonia Egorova, too, was impressed. The strongest was Konstantin Hecate.

Expel from the project also needed someone, so most chose Olesya Molchanov, who, like Maxim Nikitin, thought worthy of at least second place. On that note, the show has come to an end.

Let’s hope that in the future the test will be as interesting as this time. Will Gazeti best third time in a row as well, who will leave the project next, we find out in exactly one week.