“The battle of psychics”: the hardest test the first prediction about the final

The first issue of the 18th season of the show about magic was very interesting, but not only because it is the start of something significant. In the course of the episode, we finally learned who will fight for the title of strongest.

A huge number of people with psychic abilities come from different corners of the globe on a show to prove to the world that magic is real. Already the first meeting showed that it will be a difficult season “battle.” Alexander Sheps, as expected, came his passion. The girl he called his protege, although many do not think so. Psychics debated the matter several times almost came to blows. The situation is tense.

First test: the screen

Behind the screen this time hid something symbolic — pig. More precisely, it was a pig’s head. Many of the potential participants in the 18th season of “the battle” was given to understand that you see something similar, feel the presence of this strange object.

The most accurate description was given by the artist psychic who is able, as she says, to move inanimate objects. One way or another, but the first test is to weed out the weak, without pity and brutal. The second test allowed a total of 30 participants.

Man in the trunk

Now is the time to deal with each of the contenders in more detail. So, the rules are the same: 30 cars, 10 minutes, 1 attempt. Sergey Safronov, being a big skeptic, this time extremely brutally put psychics in an awkward situation.

The test is complicated by excluding the human factor, so no one could cheat. Guests on the machines, has signed two pieces of paper, with the names and numbers of all the cars. When randomly chosen by lot the person who needs to hide, he pulled a sheet of paper with the car number in which he needed to hide.

At first no one could guess or find a man, but then before the audience appeared a young participant, called the keymaster. To the surprise of the audience, the young man found the hidden guest, despite the fact that Sergei was trying to confuse him. Then something happened which was not very pleasant for the party, because the host asked the second time the steward to look the person in the trunk to confirm your gift. The presenter allowed the young man to take part in the show, despite the fact that he failed a second time.

The culmination of the show was the doctor who sees the dead. Pretty confident he found the man, but Sergei again had a feeling of distrust, so the applicant decided to give a new task — to find two people at once, but didn’t tell him about it. The psychic took it really hard, because one girl from the two about still , found, hinting to everyone that he felt two people. He said, playing by the rules can find at least three people. He was given the chance to prove himself. For the first time in the history of the show, the psychic found two people out of three, and the third, found almost, because the desired trunk was next. This surprised everyone and entered the history of the show as the brightest second test.

Mr. X

Portuguese witch, a brother and sister from Kazakhstan and many others psychics tried to rehabilitate in the third test. Brother and sister struck a visitor on their own, but not as mysterious and shocking witch or the doctor. Talking to the spirits. They had to guess the person who was sitting in front of them. It was Julia Samoylova, participant of Eurovision-2017. Almost all subjects felt the special energy of a girl and a person suffering from a serious illness, but some still managed to fail, and your second chance.

The role of the participants in the show were:

Marina Zueva, the same witch who arrived from Portugal;

Nikita Turchin, a young seventeen year old housekeeper;

Jean and Dana Alibekova, brother and sister;

Olesya Molchanova, the artist can move the consciousness into objects and people;

Constantine Hecate, the practitioner and the medium;

Sonia Egorova, feels the lies and read minds;

Alexander Kirinov, tarragon;

Irina Maklakova, exploring the rustic magic;

Rustam Serdinovwitch from Tashkent;

Irina Volkova, the lady with the dog;

Maxim Nikitin, wizard;

Ivan Shabanov, urban shaman.

Only 13 people, but brother and sister as a single team, so we can say that participants 12. It will be correct. At the end of the issue have already made the first prediction. Alexander Kirinov said the final 18 of the season will be purely male. Constantine said that the final will be Sonya and Marina, as they are the strongest among all. Who to believe, your choice.

Alexander Sheps and his companion were not strict selection. But let’s not yet jump to conclusions about whether we’ll meet this season former contestant on the show. Perhaps this will be early in the season, and maybe in the final. Just have to wait. The battle had begun.