“The battle of psychics”: the bomb in the bus

Finally, 6 series 18 season of “Battle of psychics” was published. It will be a very difficult issue, as promised by the writers of the show. Psychics are waiting for serious tests.

In the last issue with the project was kicked by vote presenters and guests of the TV show Rustam Zagrtdinova. You can see for yourself or read our article about who was the weakest in this time. Now in its sixth year, finally, we waited for something interesting in terms of the distribution leaders.

The search for the bomb in the bus

The writers decided to simulate a very challenging situation: the bus rides to several people, one of them a terrorist. Each guest of the program received a backpack. One of them was a bomb. The guests themselves decide who will sit with the bomb. The situation was made quite similar to the territory of actual combat.

For realism in a backpack put a real bomb on the project invited pyrotechnics. Psychic was supposed to go on the bus, then he asked to be the job. It was necessary to find a person with a bomb. All were given 10 minutes.

The first was the witch Zueva. The witch from Portugal decided to see the future, but she got to see only the past. She approached one of the girls and felt a strange energy. As we said then, it was a real terrorist attack in St. Petersburg, when a few years ago, a bomb exploded in the train. Next to her sat a girl who also survived the shock, when I saw the exploded motor of the plane on which she flew. These memories confused her a witch, so she made the wrong choice in favor of the latter. IN fact, the bomb was at the first girl.

Brother and sister Alibekova. For the first time all season Jean listened to Dana for trusting her voice heart, not his. He wanted to choose a girl sitting in the back of the bus, and Given the guy sitting closest. Jean confided to Dana and they were the first who learned about where the bomb is. The test was successfully passed.

Successfully passed the test and Alexander Kirinov. WE assumed that for him it will be the most difficult, but he took with him two sets of cards that are needed for different purposes. He did the job quickly without any delay. These he earned the attention and respect of the guests. WE thought that he will not pass this test, but it happened exactly the opposite.

Nikita Turchin couldn’t find a bomb but did not disappoint the guests. Ivan Shabanov, too, failed, although the first was close to the correct answer. Irina Maklakova, too, failed to find the terrorist. Irina Volkova is also not proved properly.

An interesting situation happened with Sony Egorova. She was faithful to its methods. Her strength is great, but it confused two things: it fluctuated between the two sisters, whose energy is similar in itself. Also they changed at the last moment, a backpack with a bomb because one of them was very worried. It was her and pointed to Sonia, so are unable to pass the test.

Constantine Hecate did something amazing, which, however, are not uncommon. He didn’t just guess who has the bomb. He called upon the sleeping spirit that helped him to talk about the guests a lot of interesting. As they say themselves, they left an incredible impression on Constantine. About bomb it is worth noting that the guests themselves have changed a backpack when you haven’t seen this one. So they decided to find out the true power of a psychic.

The second test and vote

In 1956 in Samara, something wonderful happened. As the newspaper wrote, was a holiday, but the girl Zoe was left alone. She took the icon of St. Nicholas and began to dance with her. After some time, she stiffened and froze with the icon in his hands. No one could move from the spot, nobody could pick up her icon. She became like a tree.

She stood so 128 days, until the third day of Easter. This incident is even classified record of the KGB, but now people are divided into two camps — some believe that it was, others do not.

Leading our show found a newspaper article in 1956 about the incident. He put it in an envelope and asked the psychics to think about what is written in that newspaper. Irina Maklakova was the furthest from the truth , saying that the article is about the sport. Sonia Egorova said it like a joke, a hoax. Constantine Hecate noted the very fine print and called the approximate age of the newspaper, saying that she went after the war. The furor Alexander Kirinov that card suggested that article about the girl. He noted some facts that what other article, on the other side of the envelope. Speaking of which, opinions on psychics whether it’s true or not, is also divided. Someone brought in proof of the facts, someone limited to a theory, but everyone should have the freedom in terms of attitude. All people see the world differently — psychics are no exception to this rule.

The worst psychic was Irina Maklakova, as expected. IT was conducted in a very warm and loving everything. As for strongest, it was Alexander Kininov, however, the facilitator pulled out the white envelope still and Constantine Hecate because the votes were divided. WE believe that the best was Alexander. This little guy showed everyone the power and accuracy of Tarot cards.

The race leaders finally joined the new party. We hope that this Alexander will not stop. About what will be the seventh year of the 18th season of the mystical show on Russian television, we don’t know yet, but we sincerely hope that he will give us the same impressions as this one.