“The battle of psychics” season 6 18 series: watch online

Recently started the 18th season of the mystical show on Russian television, but 6 series is on the nose. Our psychics are waiting for new interesting test, and the struggle for the right to be considered the best.

Of course, someone will leave the project again. Who will it be? Maybe it is Ivan Shestakov, Irina Maklakova, or young housekeeper Nikita Turchin, who has several releases in a row can not pass the tests with all the other outsiders. Who knows, maybe even kicked out of two participants, because this has already happened before. Perhaps that will not expel anyone at all. It is also impossible to dismiss in any case.


Based on the announcement, it is clear that we are waiting for a truly exciting experience. First, look for the extractants will need of the person and the subject, although the subject and will be linked essentially to man. We are talking about bomb, you will need to find the show. Secondly, to be some range that will create quite an interesting atmosphere, which was not yet in season 18.

It will be a unique challenge, but we hope that the writers will give us and the second test is equally exciting. Importantly, the tasks were not sad. Many viewers have already received enough negative emotions from deaths, losses, and problems of the guests of the show. It’s time to bring back the spirit of the first qualifying issue.

The most difficult task with a bomb would probably be for Alexander Mininova. Tarot cards do not answer the question about the bomb. A psychic will need to lay out the cards for each guest with a bag, although we are sure that he will come up with something interesting and choose the right path. For Sofya Yegorova this task will be simple, but can it overtake Konstantin Hecate — that is the question. Another important question to which we know the answer almost immediately — as it will determine the winner. It is possible that the main indicator of the strength of the psychic will be the time spent on the job.


In any case, we look forward to the 6th year of “battle”, given even another prediction that will leave the battle Irina Maklakova or Ivan Shabanov. According to experts, the strongest must once again become Sonia Egorova, although the announcement shows that it seems to be wrong with the choice of “terrorist”. Most likely, it’s a move to bring intrigue, but we will see this Saturday.

To the final is still far away, however, predictions of the ending is different. While it is not clear who will take the lead. We will be looking forward to it, and yet need to enjoy each new edition of the show, closely watching each participant. Perhaps you already have your favorite psychic the choice has to be made in any case, because voting for the strongest psychic would be made by viewers.

Will hope that the issue will be really interesting. Starting with the very first release it was clear that we are waiting for a fierce struggle for a place under the sun. Leaders, as always, relaxed and calm, but to leave the show no one wants, so outsiders will try my best.