The Azovskaya icon of the Mother of God

The virgin Mary is deeply revered and loved by all Christians. It is not surprising that her images across the earth, performed miracles of healing.

Of the blessed virgin meet believers with great love and reverence. On the strength of Her heard many others have personally witnessed miracles emanating from each image of the blessed virgin. The miraculous icon of the virgin adorn many temples. These include the Azov icon of the Mother of God, which is of great importance for the Christian people. In front of her pray for many people, treating her with respect and awe.

History of the icon

This icon looks similar to the Shrine of the Mother of God, but did not appear miraculously. It was written in honor of the battle in the war against the Turks, in order to show the followers of the Orthodox faith, how much may be the protection of the virgin. The battle lasted from 1735 to 1739 and was held on the Azov sea, which has contributed to name the miraculous icons.

The icon of the Mother of God was in many battles and served as the mascot for all the battles of the past war. As you know, our lady was the Protectress of Russian soldiers in deadly battle on the sea of Azov. The painter has depicted on canvas of the virgin Mary, which became the cause of victory. Many Orthodox people believe in the power of the divine. And just written the Azovskaya icon famous around the world and continued to preserve and increase the faith of the people.

Where is the miraculous image

The first of the Azov icon of the Mother of God is difficult to find. She has a thorny and difficult way. But, fortunately, it was written a large number of lists with shrines, which have survived to this day. You can find them in many churches of our country. For example, the pious and the oldest fresco can be found in the Moscow Church of the Intercession of the blessed virgin.

Description of the icon

In the background are the two-headed eagle. Also we see the serpent, which is the symbol of Turkey also reminds us of the story of St. George: once a Christian Saint pierced the adversary with his sword. Below the Mother of God painted the Russian army, the cities that are already exempt from the attacks of the Turkish fortress Azov sea, protected by the Mother of God. Icon-soaked Russian symbolism, which adds to her uniqueness.

What helps the miraculous image

The Azovskaya icon of the Mother of God symbolizes protection and justice. In front of her pray for peace in the country, protection from the attacks of enemies and strangers, from quarrels and troubles in home and family, the preservation of life and their loved ones. Also the icon helps to get rid of various diseases of the mind and possession.

The celebration of the

The official commemoration falls on September 10 and is accompanied by worship in honor of the Azov icon of the Mother of God.

Prayer before the icon

“O Virgin Most Holy! The mistress of the world of earth and heaven! I pray to you and ask your help. Be my intercessor before the end of my days, move enemies from me, our city and our country! Banish the evil forces that are sitting inside of me, heal from diseases and cleanse my sinful soul! Pray for me before God, for you’re in Heaven with Him and with His Son Jesus! Give me faith and strength, grant us your blessing. Yes, I will praise thy name forever and ever. Amen.”

It is useful to complement your red corner new icons that will become the patrons and protectors of your personal happiness, health, family and being at home. Take note of God’s Saints that you need to support you in this difficult hour, and pray beside their images. We wish you good faith. Be happy