The author dresses Jamala for “Eurovision” has told, how worked over the image

The author dresses Jamala for “Eurovision” has told, how worked over the image

Ivan Frolov admitted that Jamal had to choose between two outfits.

Young Ukrainian designer Ivan Frolov, who created the winning dress for Jamala for “Eurovision 2016”, told how he worked on the image, reads “Sedanka z 1+1”.

Frolov admitted that this cooperation with the singer was not his first. Earlier, the designer created outfits for the first solo concert of Jamala in Stereo Plaza.

“When Vogue Ukraine announced a competition for designers, I sent my designs and it so happened that Vogue and Jamal chose my sketches. We created not only this one way to “Eurovision”. Jamal is very serious about this. We until the last moment thought, what image should work and should be the best for the scene this song. We created a few images, not only this blue dress. And even in the blue dress had several options, several options for the pants. At first we had to be very different pants. The ones you saw on the stage, appeared just a week,” shared Ivan.

Note that after the victory of Jamala at Eurovision, her outfit was taken to the ABBA Museum in Stockholm. Frolov admitted that it happened very spontaneously .

“Honestly, I don’t know how it happened. It was spontaneous. They are literally in the morning Jamal left the hotel, to her right a girl with a sign, where is written “the Winning dress Jamala, the ABBA Museum and just took the dress and said, “We’ll return someday” – said the designer.


Source and photo: tsn.ua