The audience will again see a Black Canary

The audience will again see a Black Canary

A few days ago it became known that Black Canary will appear in the second season of the animated series “Fox” (Vixen), the effect of which will unfold before the murder of the heroine is Damien Darhk. Now with the festival of Comic-Con came more unexpected news: Laurel lance is a key figure in the DC universe!

As reported by TVLine, the actress Katie Cassidy followed the example of Wentworth Miller and John Barrowman signatories to unique contracts with the television division of Warner Bros., bringing in the new season they will be able to appear on screen in a superhero action movies such as “Arrow” (Arrow), “Flash” (The Flash), “Supergirl” (Supergirl) and “Legends of tomorrow” (DC”s Legends of Tomorrow).

The creators thalesalenia DC not yet say under what circumstances viewers will see again the heroine Cassidy. The actress may appear in the usual way in the flashbacks or scenes with time travel, again to try on a suit of Black sirens from Earth-2, and also play Laurel lance is from an alternate reality caused by the events of the finale of the second season of “Flash”.

It is expected that the return of Katie Cassidy, the screens will take place on 5 October in the first episode of the new season of “Arrow”.


Source and photo: lostfilm.tv