The audience chose the winner of season 4 of the TV show “Dancing” – 24???

On the evening of 30 December 2017 summed up the fourth season of the show “Dancing” on TNT. Throughout the week, the audience chose between the four finalists.

According to the results of the audience vote, fourth place went to 16-year-old Muscovite Ildar Gainutdinov, who was sick of his coach Tatiana Denisova. Third place went to the only girl among the finalists of the project is 28-year-old Julia Gafarova from Kolomna.

The audience chose the winner of season 4 of the TV show “Dancing” | TNT

The struggle for first place developed between the St. Petersburg team members Miguel. In the end, second place went to 28-year-old Dima Bonchinche present at the project dance style Vogue. Victory and 3 million rubles as a prize in a tense struggle won the 28-year-old representative of street dance styles Vitaly Ulianov, repeatedly tried to conquer this project in past seasons. Only on the third attempt he managed to convince Miguel to take his team and this proved to be a landmark for the viewers of the show who appreciated the tenacity of Vitali and his will to win.

Dance season 4 finale. Video