The audacity of Sergey Kucherov provoked stuttering in Buzova. Video

Seriously having suffered at the hands of her rival, at the moment, Maria Kohno insists that Valerie was excluded from the ranks of the participants “House 2” and as quickly as possible. Almost unanimously in this opinion Masha and support the team reality show. Moreover, the danger of “getting a hand” and the male Salenko, which some folks warned that he may be liable, if Valerie will not rest, the site says life-dom2.su.

Sergey Kucherov has already promised to beat anyone who could tell him anything against it, if after all this frost will leave the perimeter. The earring is so flared up that hardly has not provoked a tantrum Olga Buzova. Not to sway the wards Olga became nervous and began to stutter.

“Tin! They are there solder, that’s why they act as mind. On the table if you look closely, beer wine stands. Jammed a drunk already in the morning. I Lera frost, previously enjoyed on the island was so beautiful. Into the clearing came, the bangs did, then have his hair cut, lost weight, became pale! Also the conduct of the nightmare” – written by the fans of “House 2”.