The auction of over 900 items from filming “Twilight Saga”

On 19 and 20 November in Hollywood scheduled an interesting event. The company’s Prop Store and Lionsgate organize the auction, which will display lots from filming “the Twilight Saga”. There are more than 900 items, including “engagement” ring Bella Swan, Jacob’s motorcycle black Cape Edward Cullen. The cost of the lots varies from $1,5 thousand to $7 thousand

It is known that the auction will be divided into two stages. The first day will go under the hammer lots from the film “Twilight”, “Twilight. Saga. New moon” and “Twilight. Saga. Eclipse”, the second lots of the films “Twilight. Saga. Breaking dawn: Part 1” and “Twilight. Saga. Breaking Dawn: Part 2”.

Participation in the auction actors, starred in the “Twilight Saga” to be announced, but their appearance is not excluded.


Source: gazeta.ru
Photo: Twilight Saga EN

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