The astrological forecast for October 2017

Autumn continues to gain momentum, and we are waiting for not only a deterioration in the weather, and restructuring the energy sector. October astrological terms would be the most positive month, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose heart and to forget about the power of positive thinking.

Astrologers predict that the Signs of all four elements will experience some problems, and these problems will be trapped in the fact that each of us like the most. Troubles may be coming where we won’t be waiting for them, so try to adjust yourself to the fact that you have to deal with disappointments. This is temporary and can be painless, if you approach it correctly, without emotion.


To get rid of the problems and become happier in October, you will require a lot of effort, because the main planet for the next 30 days will be Venus. She is patron of the senses, so impulsive Aries will feel all the problems related to emotions. However, try to think a head and not the heart. You may be confused, but don’t keep from loved ones and friends — good company will be able to save you from the Blues and cure your soul.

To 13 October Venus will be in Virgo. She will be weak, so you’ll be more likely to survive on the little things, but it won’t be too often lead to quarrels. 14 planet will move into the Sign of Libra, marking the beginning of a very difficult period. Until October 31, you will get the experience for any reason, but don’t let it bring you down. And in love and in business follow the plan adopted previously.


Try to learn how to complete every day in October. Meditation before sleep will help you relieve the burden of problems and tune for new achievements after morning awakening. Neptune, your antagonist, in October will be strengthened because of its location in the constellation Pisces. It is the Neptune will determine your level of fatigue, motivation and ambition. This is a very negative space object that you need only one thing — obedience.

Try not to cross the line between hard work and workaholism. In October, Neptune will remain retrograde, so unwanted attention can move sideways. Learn relaxation and timely rest in order not to waste your energy for nothing. This month will be for you the most positive, but with proper attention and diligence you will be able to stay afloat and even thrive in business and in love. Speaking of love — do not let the occasion of your second half be jealous of you.


Learn to develop good habits. October is a great time for introspection, for analysis of the past and plans for the future. Healthy habits for October — sports, a romantic mood on weekends, moderation in all things. It is not difficult, after all anything supernatural, the universe does not require you. Healthy habits should become part of your life as a change for the better — what you need-like air, to each representative of your Sign.

Your main patron in October — Pluto. He recently lost his retrogradation, so you have to reckon with the opinion of the people around you. His energy is moderate due to stay in Capricorn will become destructive, so a new Dating is better to postpone until November at least, if you don’t want to fail in love or in business. A new job while it is better not to look for a new love — even more so.


For Cancers this month will be a threat to its ambiguousness. Everything around you will seem not the same as it really is. Watch first for your thoughts, because those that are negative, will contribute to the emergence of negative attitudes. To get rid of them then it will be much harder. Health will also be threatened, so that a happy pill will be a simple rest and a good mood.

Saturn will rule the ball, being all this time in the constellation of Sagittarius. This means that it will be important not what you do, and what you are doing or have not done. The time for performance of conditions of contracts and promises. The attitude of the people around you will deteriorate in proportion to the promises that you are not doing, so learn to see ourselves and behave like a friend. In October you either sink or swim.


To attract luck in October, the Lions will not be difficult. First in importance beyond Mars. Until October 21, inclusive, it will be in the Sign of Virgo, while maintaining its moderate activity. These days you are waiting for new emotions, new events. Astrologers recommend not to lose control of the situation, rationally expending their strength and do not trust the liars. Your intuition will be stronger than usual, so in the most difficult moments it is better not to reject the voice of the heart.

From 22 October Mars will be in Libra already, so completely deprived of his powers. This will mean that you will be free. This freedom to be negative, because you can lose a purpose in life, even local, is not the most important. In the last 7-8 days of October you’d better not to change the direction of motion. Do not start anything new.


Jupiter in October will be your main mentor in matters of love and Finance. The negative effect would force you to reconsider all their beliefs and customs. To luck did not turn away from you, try to pay attention to the signs. Any detail can save you this is not the most pleasant period of time. This is a very important month because Jupiter will implement its long-awaited transition of Scales the constellation of Scorpion.

Scorpio will enter into force on 10 October. The power of Jupiter would not change, but that does not mean that everything will remain the same as before. For a start, it should be noted that the impact of Jupiter will affect your luck in love. You will be able to more clearly feel the emotions of other people, but it will have to pay a very high impulsivity. The end of the month may become a time bomb for Virgins. Before the 10th day of everything will be relatively calm.


Mercury is your main helper in October. This planet will wish that you lived on the top 10 laws of the universe. In bioenergy, there are certain rules of etiquette, certain patterns of behavior, the most suitable for each person. These laws will significantly simplify your life. What to mercury, to October 16, inclusive, it will be in Libra, and then move into Scorpio. It will only mean one thing — October is better not to take on any extra commitments.

If you can curb your enthusiasm and re-election priorities, to get rid of too powerful ambitions, then good luck you will not turn neither in love nor in business. As for the mood, then it will be fine, because mercury is more focused on the material side of the world. Luck will be with you throughout the month — it needs only a little coaxing. Share it with others, while you have the chance.


Scorpios should pay more attention to each specific period of time, because the Moon will be the main object in space this month. From 1 to 12 October the power of the moon will not fall below 50 percent of the maximum value. 7 and 8 the number will be the most dangerous days for you during this period because of the stay of the moon in Taurus and its maximum energy. The two day is better for the rest though and relax as it should, most likely, will not work.
Surprisingly, from October 13th to the 31st day of the Moon, only the last two days will be strong, while in the constellation Pisces. The most productive day for you there will be days when you will be free from the shackles of the moon: 13, 14, 15, 25, 26, 27 Oct. In the first three days the Moon will be under the auspices of a Lion, so you can do platinized Affairs and the fulfillment of desires. The second positive three-day have influence on the moon will be Capricorn. You can spend some money on myself and deal with personal problems. Other days, without exception, better to just devote a leisurely Affairs without risk and adventures.


Sagittarius will have to reckon with the Uranium that will remain in Aries Sign whole month and will keep its retrogradation. Each of us has sources of negative energy impacts that should be monitored 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Moderate energy of Uranus will not benefit from it, so pull yourself together and just try to keep what you have now reached the previously.

This month will be for you is very ambiguous, because the Uranium helps how to overcome obstacles without effort, and to build walls out in the open. Difficulties will always come out of nowhere, but their goal isn’t to ruin your life, success and love, and to show that from success to failure is one step. This is a great time to learn something new, unique, and useful. Look for new Hobbies and interests.


The luckiest signs of the Zodiac in October is not the same, who knows what lies ahead, and those who knows what he wants from life. Build for yourself an action plan and stick to it even in the most difficult situations. Venus will help you to overcome difficulties, giving special motivation and desire to move forward. From 1st to 13th October it will be in Virgo is weak, but then become strong in Libra and will remain in this Sign until the end of the month. This means that before the 13th should not rely only on one’s ambitions. In the second half of the month luck will come to you in the form of a huge desire to become better, wiser and bolder.

Defeat your fears, while you have the chance. Venus will indicate the right path financially and love the field, but you’ll have to step over themselves to be the winner. Try once to do something I’ve never done, and will make a splash.


Bad habit — not only Smoking and fatty foods. It is also negative thoughts, self-doubt. Such things are not inherited and are not inalienable. The offspring of your brain, your consciousness. To get rid of them you need to quickly and ruthlessly. October is a dangerous month that does not forgive the wrong thoughts. The cause is the Sun.

Until 22 October, the Orb will be in Libra, but then lose the rest of their forces due to the transition in Scorpio. This will mean that negative effects will stop and you will be presented with new opportunities. Great good fortune should not wait, but impulsiveness can pass very quickly without hurting your self-esteem and the desire to be yourself.


The moon will become your lucky talisman in October, because most of the time it will be neutral in its effect. Her creative influence will be directed to help in the search for the meaning of life and spiritual charge. Introspection is the best way out of any difficult situation in October. Try to treat yourself a little more demanding. Your hobby should be the first item on any program. Take care of those you love most in the world, to all spheres of life has opened the door to happiness.

Positive period will be from 1 to 12 October, because the Moon will not lower the level of their strength is less than half. The only dangerous day will be the periods from 25 to 27 in number, and from 13 to 15 October. The presence of the moon in Capricorn and Leo respectively can cause major disappointments. Trust in these periods only the facts.

The laws of the Universe say that our life is changed by internal desires and attitudes. Live your dreams and don’t be afraid to experiment this October.