The astrological forecast for November 2017

The last month of autumn may be very important for each of the Zodiac Signs. Big changes await us all because of the changing nature of the planets, and cardinal.

Good luck accompany you this month, try to follow all the advice of experts. Astrologers have shared their recommendations which is very important. Money and prosperity is good, but that’s not all. We should also remember about your health, about relationships with loved ones. In November, only Mars, Jupiter and Pluto will remain unchanged. This means that you need to keep a positive attitude, pay more attention to spiritual forces and your surroundings.


Mars and Pluto, your top aides, will this month is very stable, so at work, in business, in Finance you are waiting for a white stripe, a quiet time without any serious troubles. Mars in Libra is completely devoid of power, so the support you get, but moderately active Pluto it will provide in large volumes. The relevance of this planet is going to be good at creating new relationships with people. It will be a good month for weddings, corporate events or festivals.

As for the Sun, the 20 of November it will be completely loose. To this day you better as little as possible to get nervous and worry over little things. On the 21st it will be strong after the transition to the constellation Sagittarius. This means that these days you can take risks and live life to the fullest. As for negative objects, then it is necessary to allocate only Venus, which is November 7, just 30 the number will be completely devoid of power. This suggests that only the first 5-6 days in November can be a chaotic and messy. We all have something we hate, however, until November 7 your hatred may escalate.


The moon and Venus are your main patrons. First, consider the moon. From 1 to 9 November will be a favorable period, because the power “night sun” will not fall below half. This 4 and 5 November will be a very good day because the moon in Taurus and its maximum activity. Before the 25th of the energy of the moon, on the contrary, over half will not rise. 10, 11, and 21, 22 and 23 November it will be in the Sign of Leo and Capricorn, respectively — these days will be extremely dangerous to health and mood. Use techniques of self-massage to improve power. From 26 November until the end of the month again, it will be possible to rehabilitate. Very successful the last days of November for you — 26, 27 and 28.

As for Venus, it will be more stable, which is quite obvious. At the beginning of the month, from 1 to 6 number, it will be strong, therefore, United with the Moon, can work wonders. Then it will move into the constellation of Scorpio and is completely deprived of power. Emotional support will be gone.


Of your positive planets, the most important is mercury. It enhances intuition, gives you physical strength, patience, thirst for success. From 1st to 4th of November he will be in Scorpio. The neutral energy of mercury these days will help you plan things for a month, and to perform all the most important things. Don’t postpone anything for later. Then he will be in Sagittarius, so completely weakened. Your psychic abilities and intuition you will leave, but without them you will be able to show the world how strong you are.

Of the planets-enemies it is necessary to highlight only the Neptune. He rarely changes his mood, but in November there will be something very important. Its retrograde motion will become direct. It’s a good sign, because now the negative impact of Neptune will be direct, clear and will lose the unpredictability. 4 and 23 November will not be the best period of your life, but to cope with the difficulties will be possible without any problems.


Viruses of consciousness is a dangerous thing that can ruin your luck at the nines for a very short time. To expel viruses very difficult, but possible. In November Jupiter will be your main helper. He stays in Scorpio throughout the month, maintaining a moderate energy. It will be a good month for you. Your thoughts is what you will need to pay close attention.

Mars is your enemy, and most of the negativity comes from it. But in November it will not be as stay in Libra will be deprived of his power. Thus, November will be one of the targeted months over the last six months or even more. You can devote this time to hard intellectual or physical work, love, recreation, work. Everything is attainable — you just need a little patience.


In November the Lions should pay attention to energy security. Jupiter and Mars will be the most important planets for you. Their energy is always creative, but Mars in Libra will be completely debilitated, and Jupiter in Scorpio — moderately active. Only Jupiter can help you overcome problems. It will increase your intuition, and normalizes thoughts, making them more enjoyable. This planet will help you to get rid of negative attitudes.

Only the Moon will disturb you really hard in November, but not always. From 10 to 25 November, its strength can fluctuate in the lower range, so the uncertainty will recede into the background. You’ll sleep better, physical activity will be less negative impact on health. Other days better to exercise caution.


The best technique desires in November for Dev — visualization. Saturn In Sagittarius is the most important planet for you. Under the auspices of Sagittarius, Saturn will be moderately active. This means that Virgos need to learn to trust his principles and be themselves, come what may. Also, you should trust the intuition, the sixth sense. It will not disappoint you in the most difficult moments.

Venus, being your main enemy in November, will interfere with your plans or try to do it only to 6 inclusive. Then it will stay in Libra will be replaced by stay in Scorpio, which it will be deprived of power. Astrologers say that November can be called a major breakthrough in all spheres of life. This is a time of romance, positive emotions and successful work planning. New acquaintances will help you get the most out of life.


Venus and Uranus are the most important for you each month. Their condition determines the presence of luck in your life in a particular period of time. Accurate divination for the future will help you to identify the main areas of life and plan things. Look beyond the event horizon will help you retrograde Uranus in Aries. It is very important in November, so his creative force be with you. This planet will tell you how to reduce the time solving urgent problems and acute problems.

Venus on the 7th of November will be on the lowest mark of his activity at zero. This happens due to its transition into the Sign of Scorpio. You will be all the time in the free swimming. Problems in your life will come only from careful, hasty decisions and unsure actions. In the last month of autumn it is better to focus on love Affairs. The money is better spend less and be more careful.


The solution to your problems somewhere near you. Pluto will be the main helper for you in November, so it is reasonable activity will do you good. Try to stay close to people whom I can call friends. Kinship is better to strengthen in November, and love. You will have the chance to bring relations to a new level and win a temporary disorder.

If you have not yet found the person with whom you would like to build a strong relationship, then you will have many opportunities to do so in November. Interfere in this you will have mercury, but only up to November 4, inclusive, since only these days his power will be moderate and significant. Then the negativity will subside due to the transition of mercury from the constellation Scorpio into the constellation Sagittarius. The work is not to be afraid of a collective work. Mutual support will benefit the cause.


Before November 20 the Sun, your main helper will be in the Sign of Scorpio. Then it will move into the Sign of Sagittarius. This transition will allow the Sun to gather the energy in order to help you succeed in a variety of cases, ranging from love, and ending with financial Affairs. Success is always somewhere near.

Up to 20 numbers you better keep clear of ventures not to work with strangers side by side. Privacy will help you concentrate on the most urgent problems and to solve them as quickly as possible. Try to prioritize correctly, according to how you want to solve their problems – quickly and reliably or safely and correctly. Live by the laws of the Universe that will lead you to success and help you to avoid problems with mood.


The moon and Mars will fight for your success in November. To cleanse myself from the negative energy of the moon you will most likely fail just because Mars in Libra will be from 1 to 30 November. He will be powerless against the “bumps” of the moon, which, in turn, will be strong, with varying success. The most dangerous period for you — from 1 to 9 November, from 24 to 30 number. The moon will be either a strong or neutral.

From 7 to 23 November, the energy of the moon will be almost all the time below average, so the luck will stay with you. November 19 and 20 try to do as many cases as possible at work or at home. You can devote those two days, purchases, agreements, negotiations. A change of scenery helps too, in the calm period from 7 to 23 the number. Don’t just stand there — move to the dream.


To learn his fate in November will help you close people. Someone from your entourage will give an accurate forecast for the future, but who will it, will have to learn on their own. Saturn and Neptune will be your guides to a world of luck and success. Disturb you will be the Sun. Saturn in Sagittarius will be very strong and stable, so the success will be lurking on the surface: the solution to each problem around. Neptune will no longer be retrograde and will remain strong in Pisces. This will allow you to save the zest for life and new discoveries.

As for the Sun, the 20 of November it will remain in the Sign of Scorpio and will be powerless against you. This period astrologers call the Golden time for you, because Aquarius will not be restrained by anything and anyone. Then the Sun will move into the Sign of Sagittarius than complicate your life, because it will increase his power and dramatically throw out to you that negativity. Beware of jealousy and envy in the end of November.


The moon is your lucky talisman, but not always, the talismans can do a miracle. The moon will be weak only 10, 11, 16, 17, 18 and 21, 22, 23 Nov. 8 days in the month will be very dangerous for you, but this is true only for Fish that like to take risks. Other days can be regarded as successful, especially days of strong moon in Taurus — November 4 and 5, in Cancer 8 and 9, as well as in Fish 26, 27, 28 Nov. These days it is better to devote to love or finding it.

Of the two planets for the enemies of Fish would be relevant to only Saturn. His stay in the Sign of Sagittarius will make him strong, but not powerful enough to disrupt all your plans. This month will be good for travel, change of scenery, for shopping and long-term planning. It will be enough just to start something important, the works themselves will go to the mountain. Do not be lazy, to not lose motivation and to continue to manage destiny.

Make a General cleaning in the house to cleanse your home of negativity. A lot of attention in November, according to astrologers, we need to give the place where you live and are.