The astrological forecast for December 2017

The astrological forecast will help to plan for a month and successfully execute the works. Consider the energy of stars and planets, to attain prosperity in all spheres of life.

The last month of the year will be rich in surprises. Many Zodiac Signs will be able to achieve their goals due to the positive influence of the planets. Astrologers recommend everyone to use the provided opportunities to establish personal lives, overcoming financial difficulties and finding happiness. Avoid conflict situations and negative thoughts, so as not to frighten luck, and you will succeed.


In December, the Rams will fall under the influence of the two planets that govern your Sign. The sun and Mars will have a positive impact, will allow you to have the courage to implement all the ideas. Change in life is inevitable, so they should be treated with philosophical calmness. Chase away negative thoughts so they don’t affect your activity.

The active position of the Sun until 20 December will help you to show all your best qualities at work and in personal life. Be creative to get what they want, act boldly. Remember that your interests are more important than the opinions of others. Feel free to Express yourself, not to stay in the shadows. 9 the number of Mars will go into Scorpio, and this event will spur the Rams. But you should remember that excessive egoism is not a good companion cases. Be careful not to inadvertently offend the loved ones of excessive aggression and pressure.


Calves come to the aid of Venus, which governs your Sign. Her positive influence will help to cope with fears and uncertainty. Until December 25, the Bulls will be able to Express themselves, to achieve excellence in business and to establish privacy. Practice positive thinking and act according to the plan, not paying attention to what you suggest.

Venus will give you the opportunity to get rid of prejudices and boldly out of the shadows colleagues. Offer your ideas for consideration by the authorities, and you will have the opportunity to make a substantial addition to wages. In personal life, so don’t hesitate and go wherever the heart. Do not attach too much importance to the opinion of strangers — it can lead you completely in the wrong direction.


Twins most of the month will be influenced by mercury. His retrograde movement to the number 22 will return you to the past. During this time, you can remodel projects, fix bugs, complete the training, to hear from long-forgotten friends and acquaintances. Astrologers recommend to exclude financial expenditure without the prior plan and do not purchase costly equipment. Bought under the influence of mercury retrograde things can break and even to stop liking to get lost.

The care the Twins need to be in communication with strangers. They can help you detrimental effect. Do not succumb to provocations and to follow your emotions to the whim not to make the silly things you will regret.


For Cancers, the main planet in December will be Jupiter. His moderate influence will help to clarify many of the issues that hindered your way to success. Astrologers recommend caution in the business life and to exclude spontaneous financial expenditure. Do not look for answers to your questions among your friends. Your heart will guide you in the right direction.

On December 8, the reins will take Mars. His negative energy will affect activity, and Cancers will experience difficulties in the implementation of the planned Affairs. However, positive thinking and desire to cope with the tasks before the New year will allow you to survive with honor all the tests.


Lions December will bring a lot of positive moments. Due to the active Sun before the 20th day you will be able to be active in all spheres of life. Your every action will resonate in the Universe, so strive for the best, not forgetting their loved ones. Notice the clues that are everywhere, and go to your goal.

To reduce the temperature have on the 21st and until the end of December. These days the lions have awakened a desire to delve into their own thoughts. However to anything good this tactic will not. Cast away the doubt to get to do everything that was planned. If you can’t deal with emotions, relax away from problems and domestic troubles, and then get back in formation. Fear and timidity are not peculiar to you, but under the influence of the planets you may feel some stiffness. In this regard, start every day with positive attitudes and you will have no time to be upset.


Virgo at the beginning of the month will feel anxious. Up to 8 numbers in your life as if not expected change but everything will change with the strengthening of Mars. Its strong energy will give you strength to fight for the welfare, will help to be active and to achieve stability in life. A large part of the month, Virgo will spend in vanity, so have a rest until after the New year.

On December 9, the experts of the website dailyhoro.ru recommend to Maidens to trust to strong energy of the red planet. Around you will be a lot of events, and your direct participation will be beneficial for both the financial sphere and personal life. Eliminate the negative impact of envy, avoid those who are trying to cash in on your happiness and well-being.


Libra luck promises Saturn, your patron. His powerful energy will help you to take a leadership position at work, to achieve success on the personal front, to earn the trust of colleagues and superiors. However, the prudence and precise calculation will not interfere: do not rush when performing financial transactions. Informed decisions will allow you to succeed.

In the first half of this month, astrologists recommend Libras to reconsider their priorities. Seeing the end goal, you will not go astray and will have time to implement all points of the developed plan. Take the time, pass courses of improvement of qualification, after all, never too late to learn, and in anticipation of new year holidays you have the chance to advance your career and even change jobs.


Early December promises a Scorpio luck, but luck is unstable. The influence of the power of Mars will be strong only after the number 9, and up to this point for the happiness have to fight. Prudent Scorpios need to prioritize, not to be confused with the work in several directions. Don’t let anyone the opportunity to feel the slack and pull the blanket over himself. Your activity will guarantee the career growth and dizzying success.

Thanks to the support of the red planet Scorpio will be available a tremendous source of energy. Spend their strength, not sparing, because this month will be decisive on all fronts: at work and in personal life. Don’t miss the chance to meet new people, to confess his feelings or end the relationship that has exhausted itself.


For Sagittarius December can be a month of goals and performance expectations. However, without your efforts and effort will not succeed. Accompany your activity will be Neptune. His energy helps you to overcome doubts and literally move mountains. Don’t stop and don’t give up, because this gift the universe delivers infrequently. Everything is in your hands.

To improve their position in society, to take a leading position and achieve success in your personal life, Sagittarius need to get rid of negative attitudes. The development stalled, if you will doubt and hundreds of times to calculate. Astrologers recommend to be bolder.


For Capricorn is the first winter month will be energetically unstable. Luck and danger will go hand in hand, constantly keeping you in suspense. Blame retrograde Uranus in Aries. His power will allow you to actively improve your life, but risky activities can bring down all your hopes. Caution should be your main motto.

For changes in this month will meet Neptune. Its moderate effect calls for caution and prudence. All the above may turn against you, so watch your thoughts and words, but do not abandon the movement to the target. This month will be successful, if you show activity and persistence.


Aquarius of the planet will not have adequate energy support. This month you will be the protagonist and performer of his desires. Your patron Venus will not be able to provide you with energy, but this should not be an obstacle. Astrologers recommend you to take the initiative and move forward with all reserve forces.

Aquarius will not have to fight for their own happiness, but just so you don’t get. Let the events that happen around you carefully read the Signs of destiny and continue to ensure that you need. If you get “jet”, the current will safely take you to the shores of happiness.


Happiness of Fish will depend not only from themselves, but from the planets, which will give them additional forces. Jupiter will help you create, to unlock the creative potential and to direct energy on financial issues. Do not try to please everyone, leave time for yourself. You have to work hard on all fronts, and your desire to help anyone who asks will literally leave you exhausted.

The protection of Neptune will help you to get rid of the envious and ill-wishers. You will finally be able to protect themselves from communion with selfish people, and this lesson you must remember, otherwise you in the New year again “saddled” those who repeatedly used your kindness. Trust people, but be careful and prudent. Spend more time with your family. They will support you in difficult times and help you to cope with disputes.

To take a step towards positive change of the Sign of the Zodiac will have in December. For this you need to believe in themselves and not wait for additional incentives. Proceed actively, and then all your dreams will become a reality. Leave in 2017 anxieties and fears, manipulators and those who have not given you to develop. Start today and tomorrow you will become prosperous in all senses.