The arrested accounts of parents Friske

Their lawyers are preparing the appeal

The parents of the late singer Jeanne Friske Vladimir and Olga again recently filed a lawsuit against the “Rusfond”. Its contents, as well as a reaction to the claims of the representatives of the organization are not yet known, as it has not even accepted for production. Lawyers native ispolniteli said that has not filed a lawsuit to the arbitration court. Now they are preparing an appeal against the decision of Perovsky district court and the appellate decision of the Presidium of the Moscow city court.

Recall that this summer the relatives Friske obliged to return to the “Rusfond” 21,6 million rubles. The writ is received by bailiffs earlier this month, after which the account of Vladimir and Olga was arrested. According to representatives of the spouse, the funds are already enrolled in the organization. But in the “Rusfond” has denied this information, according to kp.ru.