The American tried to disrupt the concert of Britney Spears in Las Vegas

During the performance, Britney Spears (Britney Spears), Las Vegas, appeared on the scene a bully who tried to disrupt her speech.

Recently in Las Vegas took place the concert of the famous American pop singer Britney Spears, during which there was an unpleasant incident .

As it was

The concert was held on the planned scenario and it would seem nothing could happen, but suddenly on the scene rushed the man, who tried to disrupt the show.

One of the fans of Britney Spears captured the moment on video, but to get closer to the star, the bully has not allowed protection. Some media even claimed that he had a weapon.

Later the identity of the bully was installed – it was a 37-year-old American Jesse Webb. For some reason he was trying to make a concert – not reported.

The singer, after the incident, he continued his statement and has not commented on the situation.

Journalist, Pointmedia Alla Omelchenko recalled that Britney Spears was refused in marriage from her beloved Asgari.