The alleged son Livanov was trying to prove the relationship with the actor – 24???

The alleged son of Russian actor Vasily Livanov was trying to prove his kinship with the artist. According to human rights activist Kirill Gilyarov, about their relationship with Livanov he learned at age 12 from his mother, who worked with the actor in the Studio “Soyuzmultfilm”.

In childhood Gilyarov came to his alleged father to meet him. However, Lebanon refused to accept Cyril in the Studio “Soyuzmultfilm”, wrote L!FE.

After 20 years Gilyarov addressed in Tushino court of Moscow with the claim about conduct genetic testing to establish relationship with Livanov. Cyril notes that it is not interested in the financial condition of the 82-year-old actor. However, Livanov from the examination refused.

Vasily Livanov and Cyril Gilyarov

We will remind that Vasily Livanov has three children from his marriage with Alina Engelhardt and Elena Ivanovoj.