The alleged father of Yulia Lipnitskaya intends to prove paternity – 24???

The father of 19-year-old Olympic champion Yulia Lipnitskaya – Vyacheslav – arrived in the Studio of the show “Male and female”, where he announced his intention to meet with her daughter. He wants to talk to the girl, experiencing difficult life period.

Vyacheslav Lipnitsky | YouTube

Lipnitsky said that in 2014, during the broadcast of the Olympic games in Sochi paid attention to the name of one of the participants, and then found information about athlete on the Internet. The man was able to call his mother Julia, Daniela, who forbade him in future to call this number.

Yulia Lipnitskaya | Cosmopolitan

Vyacheslav said that he did not know about the pregnancy, Danielle, with whom he was in a relationship for about a year. Lipnitsky talks have no time for personal life, because he had served in Chechnya. However, the mother of Julia to the questions of the program “Men and women” refused to answer.

The show’s host Alexander Gordon noted the resemblance Lipnitsky talks with Olympic champion. He said that Julia, as an athlete, used to pass drug test. Gordon suggested that Vyacheslav also submit to a DNA test, to which the latter agreed.

We will remind that on August 28 the mother of Yulia Lipnitskaya has announced the completion of sports career of his daughter.