The actress has accused Steven Seagal rape 24???

Another Hollywood celebrity has appeared in the scandal center. Actress Regina Simons accused actor Steven Seagal of rape, reports People.

In the words of Regina Symonds, the rape occurred when she was 18 years old. It is known that in 1994, the Simons were involved in the shooting of the film titled “In mortal danger”. In that movie Seagal played a major role.

The actress claims that the famous actor invited her to his home for a party to celebrate the end of filming. The girl allegedly was the only guest, and any festive events did not exist.

Steven Seagal | Los Angeles Times

Simons already filed against Seagal in a police Department of Los Angeles. American law enforcement authorities conduct the investigation.

Earlier model Faviola Dadis said that Steven Seagal had assaulted her at the auditions in 2002. Also about the harassment by the artist reported the former Playboy model Jenny McCarthy.