The 12 astrological houses: the value and impact on Zodiac Signs

In astrology, all 12 Signs of the Zodiac and 12 special heavenly sectors. These zones characterize and define specific character traits, personality and even destiny.

These celestial sectors of the Ecliptic are called houses. The astrologers in the predictions often say, “the Sun in the fifth house, Jupiter in the third house,” and so on. In fact that stay in any Zodiac Sign of that particular space object. Each house, in contrast to the Signs of the Zodiac are not equal in their characteristics. Some homes are able to exert stronger influence on the heavenly bodies than others. Each house gives some planet or object has special properties by which one can predict the future.

The first house (Aries influence)

The first house represents wholeness of the individual, complete internal harmony or its absolute absence. When a planet is under the influence of Aries, that is in the first house, a person need to think more about yourself from the point of view of one or another celestial body. For example, when Uranus is in the first house, when providing any influence on you he will try to help or hinder to find motivation. First house affected most by the behavior of the person and his feelings.

The second house (Taurus influence)

This is perhaps one of the most powerful houses, because it affects the material world. So it is assumed that in astrology the second house leads to a serious disharmony between man and his environment. Being in the second house, planet, Sun or Moon boost the ego of man. The second house is characterized by an increased desire to own material goods, accumulate them, to keep. For example, if the Moon is under the influence of the second house, it makes people petty and restless. Some other objects, for example, mercury, improve cash beginning of man, strengthening his ability to earn money.

The third house (the Twins effect)

This is the house of communication, harmony and unity with other people. For example, if Mars is in third house, it provokes you to war with family, spouse, friends. The conflict exacerbated a hundred times stronger. The third house puts a special stamp on a particular space object. Thus there is a restructuring of its influence. If it’s luck, it will come from the people. If this problems, you will need to look for in the environment. The third house is a time for business and love. You are either working or are seeking and strengthening love. This is a business, travel business, holiday, walking, Hiking, a change of scenery.

Fourth house (Cancer influence)

This area of the Ecliptic in which the planets provoke a man on a determination of the family hearth. If your planet-a talisman is in this house, it will create a good environment for getting closer with family. In these times human life may become warmer or more distant. In any case, the family will be either a heat source or a source of coolness. This house is somewhat similar to the third. It is something like a particular case of the third house. During the periods of influence of the fourth house the person wakes up the patriotism, commitment to collective work.

Fifth house (Leo influence)

This is a very strong area of the Ecliptic, so finding one or another planet, it will fundamentally change the nature of its influence. For example, the Sun in Leo will make you the center of attention in society, however, the probability that this attention will be negative. This will depend only on yourself. Many people under the influence of the fifth house wakes up acting, leadership. Astrologers recommend not to be afraid of public speaking, when did your planet-the patron is in the fifth house. Your influence on the masses and every person individually increases. This increases also the impulsivity and the pursuit of selfishness.

Sixth house (Virgo influence)

When a space object is in Virgo, it symbolizes his weakness in most cases. Only the Moon is with Virgo’s friends really hard, because the sixth house adds to the influence of the moon some completeness and fills them spiritually. At such times, astrologers recommend to show diplomacy in all. The fact that the constellation Virgo, and the degree of the sky from 150 to 180 full of doubts and worries. It is an objective of the home that requires people to care for loved ones and ourselves.

Seventh house (influence Weights)

This is the house of family, love, relationships, marriage, friendship. Due to the Weights of the planet set people to negotiate and create agreements with others and with ourselves. The house characterizes a person as a unit of society, as a person. If you are a representative of creative profession, while staying power the planet in the seventh house, you better create and sell the fruits of their labors or to negotiate the price. Affected most by the seventh house of the communicative qualities of the person, weakening them or strengthening.

Eighth house (Scorpio influence)

This is a physical the home. This is the home of sport, physical love, hugs, visits, stay, as well as jealousy, envy, revenge, intransigence. Being in a position of between 210 and 240 degrees, any planet and the Sun or Moon will influence a person as a magnet for passion, bright emotions and high ambitions. In such times people often find the solution to some serious problems in life. The eighth house is a symbol of the lifting shackles or attain them.

Ninth house (Sagittarius influence)

9 character building — pursuit of new knowledge, creation of favorable conditions for spiritual seeking, attention to new emotions, travel, travelling, trip, search second half, the competitive spirit. When an object is under the influence of Sagittarius, then the person is significantly more likely to adopt its ideals and accompanies them. This is a lovely home for those who primarily wish to achieve good results in something. Relax during the influence of Sagittarius on your planet is simply impossible.

Tenth house (Capricorn influence)

It is the house of career, work, solitude, spiritual search. If your planet is in Capricorn, then you need to throw all their forces to conquer a high position on the solution of urgent problems. In such times, you can ask the chief about the increase, but not to delay the negotiations. Be concise during your stay celestial objects in the tenth house. Don’t let yourself to talk a lot and make promises you don’t intend to keep. Any lie, any hypocrisy will emerge in the near future.

Eleventh house (Aquarius influence)

This house enhances intuition or denies it completely. Degree 300 and 330 on the heavenly Ecliptic means a space object that its properties are reversed. If Pluto is in Aquarius, he would have made you more loyal to friends. 11 the home planet through a variety of methods to help people support loved ones, friends, a soulmate. The eleventh house suggests ways of predicting the future, increases the power of the sixth sense and smooths out the internal conflicts.

The twelfth house (the Piscean influence)

This house promotes people’s desire for privacy. Inspiration comes under the influence of the constellation Pisces. Of course, no problem can not do, because Pisces is ruled by the twelfth house. Planets lose energy while in this area of the Ecliptic, but mostly goes negative.

In astrology there are many different aspects that should be known by everyone. It is a science, knowing which one can become successful in any sphere of life. Information about homes should help you to succeed.