Thank Kaminska for the first time commented on the divorce from her husband Edgar Kaminsky

Singer Slava Kaminska recently the center of attention of fans. The fact that the actress is a frequent sad posts in Instagram, and ceased to publish a photo of her husband. Because of this, the network began to talk about what Glory and Edgar are getting a divorce. Now finally have an official information about this.

Recall that recently the singer from DeAngelo Thank Kaminska announced the beginning of a solo career, releasing the track “Good”. Because of this network with new force have started talking about the divorce of the singer. But you can finally put an end to all rumors.

As a result, these sad posts artist took for the Bulletin of divorce. Fortunately, it is not. Also earlier relationship issues commented by the Edgar Kaminsky. So, according to him, their relationship with Glory is affected by the tight schedule of work.

I just have a lot of work, she has a lot of work. We see each other and communicate less. Of course, this affects family relationships. Fans, don’t worry. All will be well.

Assured fans of a plastic surgeon. Now all are waiting for happy news from the couple. By the way, now also on everyone’s lips the news about how raising children Mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher.