Terrible details from life of Valerie

The singer miraculously survived and preserved the health of the son

The heroine of the next release of the program “million dollar Secret” is the singer Valeria. She told Lera Kudryavtseva grisly details of life with Alexander Shulgin. The singer has admitted that her second marriage was not a Paradise. This is confirmed in another program.

Valeria complained that Shulgin was regularly beaten her because he drank a lot and was in a poor condition. Alexander once nearly stabbed ex-wife, but later stabbed her with a fork leg.

Battered and children from a tyrant of a father, especially medium — Artem. Shulgin disliked the boy because he was not like him. Once he locked three-year-old in a cage with a huge dog. Then Valery with children, fled from her husband to his native Actors, and filed for divorce.