“Terminator 2: judgment day”: actors, roles, photos, trailer 24???

The film “Terminator 2: judgment day” the sequel to the sci-Fi Thriller “the Terminator”, created by Director James Cameron. According to many historians movie, the picture became one of the pioneers in the use of computer animation. The budget of the film “Terminator 2: judgment day” made $100 million In theaters, the film grossed an incredible for those times the sum – $519,8 million

The film takes place ten years after the first visit to the past robot T-800. This time the terminator has arrived in Los Angeles to protect the son of Sarah Connor from the killer robots of the new generation.

Actors and the role of the film “Terminator 2: judgment day” – in the material edition 24???.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (terminator T-800)
“Terminator 2: judgment day” actor Arnold Schwarzenegger as terminator T-800

Terminator reprogrammed by the son of Sarah Connor in the distant future and sent to the present time. The robot not only to protect the young John Connor, but also destroy the processor created the Corporation “Kiberdayn systems”. Judgment day is around the corner – the artificial intelligence “Skynet” soon will start a nuclear war, which killed 3 million people.

The role of the Terminator in “Terminator 2: judgement day” played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. “The terminator” became a hallmark of the actor. The debut film was in 1970 in “Hercules in new York” in which Schwarzenegger played the main role. The actor starred mostly in action films: “Commando”, “Predator”, “Running man”, etc. a break in the film career, Schwarzenegger has been associated with his election to the post of Governor of California. After his resignation, the actor appeared again on the screen. The last role of Arnold Schwarzenegger – affair in the film “Consequences” of 2016.

Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor)
“Terminator 2: judgment day”: actress Linda Hamilton in the role of Sarah Connor

Sarah Connor lies in a psychiatric hospital on the outskirts of Los Angeles. She was locked up, taking son of John, because of the stories of women about the impending global catastrophe. John, along with the T-800 releases the mother and sent from the future killer robots of the new generation.

Linda Hamilton became known to the General public for her role as Sarah Connor. Audiences remember actress roles in the movies “rise of the “Black moon””, “king Kong lives”, “beauty and the beast”, etc. After the completion of filming “Terminator 2: judgment day,” the actress moved in with film Director James Cameron, and bore him a daughter. The last time the screen Linda Hamilton appeared in 2007 in a British film “In your dreams”.

Robert Patrick (terminator T-1000)
“Terminator 2: judgment day”: actor Robert Patrick of terminator T-1000

Liquid terminator T-1000 sent artificial intelligence from the future to kill John Connor. A new stronger version of the terminator T-800. Heroes are hard to escape from the pursuer. Computer animation made the scene of fights robots and restore the T-1000 vivid and memorable.

“Terminator 2: judgment day” was a real challenge for Robert Patrick, for example, the output of the liquid robot from the fire day 40 times. The film launched the career of the artist – in 2000, Robert was invited to the popular TV series “twin Peaks”. Played in the movie “From dusk till dawn”, “Kill the messenger”, “Anatomy of love”, etc. Recently, the actor has completed work in the film “Ghosts Eloise”.

Edward Furlong (John Connor)
“Terminator 2: judgment day” actor Edward Furlong in the role of John Connor

John Connor – a carefree teenager, wandering from one foster family to another. The appearance of the T-800 reveals the boy’s eyes – delirium his mom from a mental hospital about the terrible future of mankind were true. Now the task of man – to escape the T-1000 and save Sarah.

Edward Furlong played in “Terminator 2: judgment day,” when he was 14 years old. The picture became the first in the life of the young actor. Now filmography Furlong is 34 work in film, most famous of which: “pet Sematary 2”, “Brotherhood of darkness”, “Money: the American dream”.

Earl Boen (Peter Silberman)
“Terminator 2: judgment day” actor Earl Boen in the role of Peter Silberman

Dr. Peter Silberman, the psychiatrist at the hospital Los Angeles. One of his patients was Sarah Connor. During the next session Sarah was able to steal Peter’s pen and using it as a master key to open the doors of the hospital. It saved Sarah’s life during the attack of the liquid terminator.

Earl Boen known for his role as the doctor-the psychiatrist in the movies “Terminator” and “Terminator 2: judgment day.” Only played more than 100 paintings. The most famous role the actor played in the TV series “Crime story”, “Alf”, “the Law of Los Angeles”, etc. the Voice of the artist talking to the characters of many popular series.

Joe Morton (Miles Dyson)
“Terminator 2: judgment day” actor Joe Morton in the role of miles Dyson

Engineer miles Dyson working at a computer, when Sarah Connor breaks into the house and tries to shoot him. Woman stop John from the T-800. They explain what the consequences will result in the creation of the CPU made a miles from part of parts of the terminator.

Debut in the movie Joe Morton took place in 1974 in the TV series “devil’s service in hospital Mesh”. Known for roles in the Broadway productions of “Hair,” “a raisin in the sun”. Played in 78 scenes. Well-known works Joe Morton: “the Law is for all”, “same house”, “Eureka,” “Law and order”. The latest work of the actor as Jason in the Comedy “grace and Frankie” (2015).

Castulo Guerra (Enrique)
“Terminator 2: judgment day” actor Castulo Guerra in the role of Enrique

Enrique is a friend of Sarah Connor, living on a lonely ranch near Los Angeles. Former militant only believed the stories of Sarah of the coming Apocalypse. Sarah with satellites armed with the Arsenal of Enrique for protection against T-1000.

Enrique in the movie “Terminator 2: judgement day” played Castulo Guerra. Artist known for 47 roles in the movie. Starred in the films “Crazy”, “Right to die”, “Sunset”. The actor can be seen in the TV series “the West wing”, “er”, “CSI: Miami” etc.

Danny Cooksey (friend of John)
“Terminator 2: judgment day” actor Danny Cooksey as your friend John

In the movie “Terminator 2: judgment day” was played by another teen. John and his friend started to run away from home and spent time in clubs with gaming machines. When the T-1000 was looking for John, he warned the other of danger.

Danny Cooksey grew up in a family of musicians. The young man played in a country music group in Los Angeles, when he was invited in the first series. It was the sitcom “the Dukes of Hazzard,” in which Danny played four seasons. Now filmography of the actor includes 21 picture. In the movies he was invited thanks to the bright appearance and beautiful voice. The most vivid role Cooksey played in the TV series “Mac and me”, “Problems of growth”, “the twilight zone”, etc.

The movie “Terminator 2: judgement day” trailer (video):