Team Merii Carey took her phone to isolate Bryan Tanaka

The people around us singer Keri Meraji know that taking a little extra alcohol, the actress has a habit of calling your ex and sort things out. At such times they take the liberty to confiscate her gadgets. This is the rare case when a wayward diva thanked them in the morning for not letting her make mistakes. As reported by the Western media, at a recent dinner party, Maria not calculated with alcohol, and being already pretty drunk, wanted to call Brian Tanaka, his former boyfriend.

Edition of the Sun, citing insiders, reports that people from the inner circle of the singer immediately confiscated her phone so she was unable to contact the dancer. Tanaka also not allowed to come to the house to Marie and close to it – the protection of the singer alerted to the fact that Brian not be allowed even to a field of view of the artist.
At the same time, the singer would like to return relations with the choreographer, she misses him and the fun times that she was with him, survived.
“Since the breakup of Merii and Brian Carey became more than productive, it was better to act, write songs. If she goes back to him, then again forget about the music. Brian is sure that she is in love with him and believes that it is worth it to contact her as she will run to him. He was her rear, when she broke up with her fiance, and demanded nothing in exchange for support. Maria, once confessed her love for him and he was sure that the way it is” — said the insider, and added that in these words, Tanaka is the truth – Meria really suffers without him. The environment of the singer worried. None of them wants to Carey plunged in relationship with Tanaka and forget about work. They watch over Merayu than ever and did everything to not let the dancer to the singer.
Recall that Maria left Brian after five months. She was tired of his jealousy towards her ex-husband nick Cannon and children. By the way, the former couple recently celebrated the sixth birthday of their twins Monroe and Maroccana at Disneyland.

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