Taylor swift did not get any nomination VMA

Last year for their song “Bad Blood” American country singer Taylor swift received a whopping ten nominations Video Music Award (VMA), and this year, she seemed to have forgotten. Despite the fact that over the past year, celebrity has released three videos for the songs “Wildest Dreams”, “Out Of The Woods” and “the New Romantics”, but none of them was awarded any reward.

It seemed as if things couldn’t get worse, but no, a former boyfriend of the singer Calvin Harris became friends with the old enemy Taylor Kanye West (for real, they say: the worst enemy and former best friend), and now together they are scheming against her.
Recall that the 26-year-old actress upset with his former lover because he didn’t list her in the authorship of his recent hit, donated by Barbadian singer Rihanna, “This Is What You Came For”, and she wrote the music to it. Harris insists that it did so, as they originally agreed with swift, because she didn’t want to Shine your name. According to singer, the song would have attracted attention not as an individual music product, but as a fruit of cooperation of two famous lovers.

Source: http://www.contactmusic.com
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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