Tatiana Vasilieva spoke on the condition of the patient’s granddaughter

Actress Tatyana Vasilyeva spoke about the condition of her granddaughter Mirra, who fell ill during a holiday with his parents in Turkey. There were suspicions that the girl picked up surging Coxsackie virus, but she was hospitalized and the diagnosis was not able to deliver. Despite this, the myrrh much better.

Mom’s granddaughter Maria Vasilyeva Bolonkin was very glad that the girl was not diagnosed. “The Desk clerk leaned across the counter looking at her. I immediately took out the papers from the hospital say that we have a pharyngitis was allergic. How fortunate that we still have not written a diagnosis of Coxsackie. Counsel went, and Myrrh teeth climb, and saliva is a mouth full, and from them in the heat of the treacherous irritation around the mouth is gone”, recalls the admission of girls.

Family long did not go home because of the suspected virus, but in the end the mother and daughter reached Russia. Myrrh was placed in infectious hospital in the capital at mount Falcon. According to the doctors, mother and daughter will soon be able to go home, because the baby was much easier. “Mirra is much better. Now she and her mother is in the hospital and possibly on the days she was discharged. God bless all of you and your children! Let welcome back to your family,” he shared with fans details mother Myrrh.

Recall that in Turkey she began to feel quite poorly. It started very hard, because of what parents simply didn’t know what to do. “The temperature of 40, Myrrh is not crying, and yelling, we don’t know how to help.. in the end, put a candle antipyretic and fell asleep. For the first time, Mirra was sleeping with us. Because I shook it right in bed. The next day, Mirra slept almost all the time. Temperature, as soon as we down — climbed again to 40. Noticed a rash on the back. By evening, the Myrrh didn’t come up, spent hours lying in the hands of Philip and groaned. We are horrified I went to the hospital. The doctor then examined the palm of your hand and heels (there is nothing), looked in his mouth, paused and ran away. I asked the nurse to bring him back to the rash on the back and looked, but immediately ran to the doctor with an interpreter and said that we have something viral, a rash is allergic, appetite is lost due to poisoning, throat bad. Mirra has been on a drip for 6 hours,” shared Maria.

Just a couple of days ago our baby turned 10 months. Mother Mirra decided to leave congratulations to your daughter on instagram. “Someday we will tell her what is good and what is bad. That there are evil people, but a good lot more. You need to be kind, to be able to forgive and to love everything that surrounds us. You need to read books and to be able to cry. You need to be generous and grateful for all that was, is and will be. In the meantime, while she needs to know that we love her, and all the rest later,” wrote sister-in-law Vasilyeva.


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