Tatiana Vasilieva last learned about the birth of a granddaughter

It is no secret that relations of the famous Russian actress of theater and cinema Tatiana Vasilyeva with daughters-in-law don’t add up. The first wife of her son Philip was not only cheating on her husband, but also forbade my grandmother to see grandchildren, demanding a monetary reward for it. Known only to her reasons, the new daughter-in-law Tatiana Maria Bolonkina also was in no hurry to tell his mother about the birth of her first granddaughter.

Maria and Philip are the parents in the beginning of November, but this became known only now. And the actress also told about it right away.
First granddaughter Vasilyeva called Myrrh, which means “treasure of the future.” The happy news Tatiana, but to rush from a tour to see the baby she did not, and to see her have when they return from a tour.
New mommy Maria has shared with journalists the joys of motherhood, saying that is no problem, and all the horrors for which it was prepared “good people” was a lie.
“I don’t know.. Too much frightened, saying how it will be difficult, sleepless, tearful… so far, so it’s not about us! Live in harmony, sleep 4 hours, eat milk, dad smiling and enjoying each other!” she said. Congratulations with the addition of spouses.

Source: http://7days.ru
Photo: http://www.kp.ru

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