Tatiana Navka looks on a par with the eldest daughter: she showed rare photos

Russian athlete Tatyana Navka has published in his microblog in Integrame a rare photo of both daughters. The celebrity looks very young.

Russian athlete Tatiana Navka, who recently showed a funny video with the youngest daughter, is the mother of two daughters. Eldest daughter Alexandra for 17 years. She was born in the first marriage of the famous figure skater with a colleague, Alexander Zhulin, .

“Three sisters in the photo”

In his microblog in the social network Instagram Tatiana Navka has published a rare picture in which she is depicted with two daughters – 17-year-old Sasha and 2-year-old Nadenka, who was born to his current wife, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

According to our journalist Amalia Chervinchuk, the similarities with fathers very traced in girls. However, at the same time, they are similar to the famous mother. “Though father’s daughter. But still mother’s!!!”, noted the Post under the photo.

Members were delighted

Followers page Tatiana Navka on Instagram praised the new picture in her microblog. The photo has already received 40 thousand appreciative of likes and plenty of comments. Very often, the fans wrote about what looks like Navka with her daughter the same age.

“Cool girls!!! Beauties!!!”, “Three beauties!!!”, “Yeah, copies of their dad”, “cap-drip, splash, splash, Tanya – atrazine, three times – repeat!!!!!!!)))) Fabulous beauty!!!!)))”, “These are all beautiful,no words. God bless you,girl”, “So like your mother))copies))beauty like mom,” “Good girl. Son need” (RUF. and item. of the authors saved. – Approx. ed.) – written by the subscribers of the grooves.

Also Tatiana Navka recently shared with subscribers in Instagram romantic photo with her husband.