Tatiana Musulbes outraged by the act of Dima Talibov

No sympathy no more. I don’t know why he’s acting like this!? With the arrival of the new girl Natalie, he again began to speak about some imaginary crush. In my head I understand that this is all nonsense. So I don’t want to say anything, and it doesn’t cause me any bitterness or feelings of jealousy. He tells me that I no, but in actual fact he is. I didn’t mean for him to do something, it didn’t make any sense. The fact that he pushed me out the door, I also did not hurt. Of course, he’s like the guy is stronger, and in this situation I am powerless. Settled with the new girl – again, showed regular performance. Okay… the Only thing I did not like and was very touched that he grabbed me by the hair, brought from the meeting and thrown in the pool. Knowing that he is stronger, there’s nothing I can do. Absolutely no male action! Therefore, the conclusion is one bad man! Let him have fun. Was only interest in sympathy and he went bankrupt.