Tatiana disgraced in the first day after returning to the TV project “House 2”

So social media users regarded the seen in the announcement of the future broadcast, when Afrikantova, the eldest, is not hesitant nor your daughter, nor present colleagues or the audience of the TV project “House 2”, decided to demonstrate publicly his famous technique of “scoop”. This time as an assistant to a woman chose Andrei Cherkasov, the website life-dom2.su.

Despite the fact that Andrew has agreed to such an experiment voluntarily, he was clearly uncomfortable. However, nothing surprising in this, because included in the taste of Tatiana really touched leading for a causal place.

“Well, grandma lights, all do not care – well done! It all shows that in this project everything is possible”, “I would place the Marina with shame would burn, and she doesn’t care, well, shame on you” –written by the fans of the youth show “Dom 2”.