Tatiana Bulanova noted the birthday in the company of ex-husband

Speaking of that wedding with her ex-husband Vladislav Radimov possible, Tatiana Bulanova was fantasizing. After a loud and sudden for all of a divorce, the former spouses continue to spend time together So your birthday Tatiana spent in the company of his father his younger son, and their joint photo touched by fans of the artist.
Joint photo appeared on the page of Vladislav in the social network Instagram.

“Hometown , dear Tatiana !????Happy Birthday to Krasotulka!????????????” — he wrote under the picture. After some time, Radimov has published another photo where they are with Tatiana sealed the brazier.

“The birthday is over ????????need to hit the road Petersburg-Kazan -Astrakhan ????Last two took Shpak did not take ????????”— he signed photo.
Recall that Vladislav Tatiana divorced after the whole country found out about his infidelity with a certain friend Bulanova. The singer herself emotionally told on his page on the social network. Later, however, she deleted my post, but later it all had time to notice. It soon became known that she is divorcing a football player. In parallel, on the Russian TV there was a transmission in which a woman spoke about her relationship with Vladislav. She told that their affair lasted several years, and at the same time, Radimov Tatyana swore that she had one-the only-the-love.
A few weeks later, the singer commented on the words of his mistress ex-husband and stated that much of what was said is a lie. Although not denied that her ex-spouse was having an affair with this woman. Then she mentioned that no one knows what will happen next.
“Maybe we’ll be together again and even get married” — pointedly said Bulanov. Well, now it seems that her words sounded like a plan.


Source: http://www.starslife.ru
Photo: https://www.instagram.com

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