Tatiana Bulanova began is second-hand

Tatiana Bulanova began is second-hand. Billboards appeared in St. Petersburg, her hometown. On billboards depicted her portrait with the inscription “Here dress up the stars.”


Alexander Popov, the ex-soloist of group “Turbomoda” saw them first and was disgusted. He said he was ready to buy all things for the sake of more “do” not to see. Many of her colleagues on the stage very negatively reacted on social networks in her new activity. They believe that this kind of business will have a negative impact on the reputation of a popular Russian singer.

Pop stars also surprised because Tatiana Bulanova always been famous for its refined sense of style and fashion. Although she claims that the expensive clothes she wears on the stage, but in everyday life prefer is quite simple. There were also those who support it. They appreciated her efforts and the call to dress “simple” in times of financial crisis among the population.