Tatiana bulanava commented on the divorce from her husband

Popular Russian singer Tatyana Bulanova frankly told the fans the reason why I broke up with her husband, football player and coach Vladislav Radimov. The actress said that contrary to the information about the numerous infidelities of her faithful, the reason for the divorce lies in the other – they simply lost harmony in relationships.

Tatiana and Vladislav officially divorced, and now she is most worried about his nine year old son. Bulanova reproaches himself for the temper and rash posts on his page in the social network. which could harm her baby.
“I understand that it is all somehow relate to. Deleted the post about the divorce on her page in the nets, to avoid any negative reviews so that my son didn’t read it. Wrote it and realized that was stupid,” said Tatiana.
Bulanov believes that it is better two once beloved people to leave and not to torment each other, than to live under one roof and to suffer, bringing a close to the inconvenience and mental anguish.
“Our divorce is the result of our internal issues,” — said Tatiana.
Recall that the news about the divorce was preceded by information about the change Radimov with Tatiana’s friend, what one veiled, but it is made clear on his page in the social network. Insiders also confirmed this version. Vladislav is not the first accused in the cheating wife, but each time he managed to convince the wife to give him another chance. But patience Tatiana, as it turned out, also has its limits, and he moved them.

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