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Show on another island will be on survival! I’m with Leonid night sat, tempered! (in Tuapse). It’s not every stand. Marina in America on the way. We are all leaving. No, Marina with Roma not at odds. Roma will remain on the island, he wants to spend more to. About Marina you are wrong, the Marina all want! But for the show she drove this… (it’s Sasha said). To Tatyana the Kios on the go! And after Dubai we with Marina in Moscow will arrive. With Smell do not communicate. Roma will remain on the Islands, and in two weeks will arrive in Moscow, when we are with the Marina.
Marina will return to Moscow, and in November will fly to the States. What you Marinochka attack? Marinochka good Devochka! I will not tell you that Marina will be doing in the States, and then you are all talk, but it’s a secret! November 1, Marina goes. Anyone knows the English language, there will be an international show “House 2”! Grooms to be and brides! Marina send for curve fiancĂ©. In what city Marinochka rides – I will not say. For a show not tell! But I know, I know, but you don’t say! But I hinted…

Lord! As it was free and fun, but here in Moscow, just as worries, to see why police officers so much money was removed from the cards we have are to pay 5 thousand, which allegedly I was awarded, otherwise it will not go to Dubai, but there is still the costs of a lawyer who allegedly hired IA hardly so much she gave, but I must, I must! The court is the court! Undo we are not going to travel is better than to run to court, although it stirs the nerves. Now don’t you call me, it will not in the furnace, and court-martialed. But I’m kidding, do not send anyone, only those who swear obscenities, they should, as the periscope breaks down crying.
[Author: Tatiana Afrikantov]