Tata Abramson told of the terrible labor pains

In turn, a few weeks ago, Abramson said, how hard they made it through childbirth. The girl decided not to hide that the birth process had become to her in a nightmare. However, in recognition Abramson, she could hardly imagine what the pain will turn to her baby, the website life-dom2.su.

In a Frank interview with House 2 two months after the birth of her daughter Tata admitted that he still does not admit to itself the husband. Due to breakdown any turns to the proximity of the girl in the ad. Fortunately, Valery Responsibility refers to a situation with understanding and willing to wait as long as necessary.

“America, if no one gave birth”, “all the pain of it is not one feels pain, all feel the hurt of her sleeping with her husband, about the baby and not have to think about how to make “magic”, would be better if the milk is kept than complained of here” – he wrote to fans of the youth project.