Tata Abramson advised not to post pictures of the daughter

It is also worth noting that after the birth of her daughter, nanny, Aberson, unlike many of his colleagues on the show, did not hide the person of the child, just a few weeks after birth, posting a picture of Betty. Currently Tata although not particularly active, but still publishes photos of the daughter to the delight of his fans, the website life-dom2.su.

And here is another picture in which little Betty is depicted sleeping, aroused no enthusiasm, and sincere indignation. According to some subscribers, Tata runs the risk of trouble for yourself, after all, to photograph the sleeping children, especially those who are yet years and, in any case impossible, because it is a very bad omen.

“My grandmother always told me that it is impossible to photograph a sleeping baby, especially up to the year”, “wonderful baby, only I don’t think we so often publish her photos in the Internet,” – he wrote to fans of “House 2”.