Tastes Olga Rapunzel has changed during pregnancy

You know, so much has happened between us, I want to tell you only one thing. Dima, thank you for the happiness the three of us, for your patience. Love, I and our baby. Love you our daddy.
I am very Moody, hormonal, morning sickness is used to love coffee, and now from the smell of sick from cigarettes so all, here almost every other smoke, and perfume, too, try to stay away from the smoke and smell, changeable mood, insomnia, daytime somnolence often, then cry, then laugh, sweet bell peppers, but I recovered and never in my life I’ve not weighed. Never mind, let’s look for the pros, it’s worth it. And how have you been and how is your pregnancy? I want to tell you my dear, kind people, thank you for your trust. Honestly, I don’t care what you write evil tongues, no hard feelings, wish you luck in life, happiness to you and good luck.