Tarot forecast for the week of 4 to 10 December 2017

Tarot prediction will lift the veil of secrecy over the future, so you can choose the right path to wealth and prosperity. Make plans for the week, given the interpretation of your situation, and your day will be successful.

Tarot predictions are renowned for their accuracy. Thanks to the hands, everyone has the opportunity not only to learn the future, but to correct it, avoiding possible errors. Everyone will find useful information, looking at the fallen Arcana.

Don’t forget that a forecast is only an indication of your possible steps and not a guide to action. Tarot forecast for the week of 4 to 10 December will help you to decide on goals for this period to avoid any troubles and to survive with honor all the fallen of the test.


In the next week to the rams, according to the forecast, will have to restrain their impulsive urges. Card “the Hanged man” indicates that you are thinking about hatching ideas ready to implement. You seem cut off from the world, while around you the dark clouds. However, the map of “the Court” tells of the successful outcome of your ideas. This Arcanum symbolizes change, change for the better.

Arkan “the Hierophant” calls for the Rams not to get excited and follow the generally accepted rules. Restraint will help you to perform all tasks and assignments to avoid conflicts and failures in serious cases. Also this card tells about a guardian angel who invisibly takes you from mishaps.


Bulls in early December, expecting the unexpected news and change of life. Card “the Fool” is an indication of a willingness to change. The literal meaning of Arkan — sudden changes, which you do not suspect. These changes are for the better, even if the Calves at first seem otherwise. Card “the Hierophant” encourages you to be calm and measured actions you will have to make under the influence is not dependent on you factors. You need to calm down and continue working.

“MAG” indicates active. You can feel free to implement all the ideas. Don’t stay in the shadows, and you will definitely notice. The end of the week will be successful for self-realization in profession and in personal life.


Your Sign of the Zodiac ahead of the active actions directed on the achievement of objectives. Showing map of “Tower” promises a change. In your life entering a new phase. Door of the past closed inexorably approaching an unknown future that may stun you. However, you should not be afraid. Map “Wheel of fortune” says that you will be master of the situation and will be able to choose the right path that will lead you to your destination.

Arkan “the Court” promises you an excuse. This map indicates how to direct a victory in litigation, and the justification in the eyes of others. If you were wrongly accused, then soon everything will fall into place. You don’t need to be frightened. Just do your jobs, do not hesitate to Express themselves.


This week Cancers will be able to go about their business duties. Map “MAG” indicates that you will be able to achieve success, to complete the works that were postponed earlier, and stand out among colleagues. Card “the Chariot” speaks about possible business trips where you will be able to Express themselves, share experiences or even to move to a new position, to change the scope of activities.

“The high priestess” indicates your influence. You will depend on other people’s happiness, so beware. Selfishness and resentment leave in the past, to impartially judge the success of your colleagues or subordinates. This week a lot will depend on your opinion, so try to make informed decisions.


The lions will feel the support. In your life will be a powerful woman, which will help you to resolve a number of issues. The Arcanum “the Empress” indicates that all of your questions will have a positive response, and so you are moving in the right direction. The hermit says that the Lions need solitude to reflect on next steps. You have the right solution, but it will take time to implement all the ideas.

Arkan “Moderation” speaks for itself. His presence in the situation means that the representatives of your Sign, you need to remove the crown and to change their attitude towards people. You can help, but the Lions will have to go from their pedestal to show an interest in General Affairs and to eliminate the arrogance in communication.


The week will take place from the Maidens safely and even careless. Judging by the fallen cards, you don’t have to worry about their business. Map “the World” indicates a favorable outcome of any planned event, whether it’s work or personal life. “Moderation” encourages the Virgins to keep their own emotions and go on about common sense. A little courage and determination will not hurt.

“Power” indicates the presence of the Virgins of the huge potential that the skillful “consumption” can be used for specific purposes. You are free to choose any direction, and you will succeed in the best way.


Weights forward to an exciting start to the week. The seventh Arcanum “the Chariot” means changes in life, and the changes are so significant that can flip your world. This card promises fast progress and the fulfillment of their cherished desires in the result of your efforts. Map “Fool” indicates the new target, which is far from you.

The hermit is associated with the Arcanum “the Fool” and according to the Scales of the coming of the time when you need solitude to ponder and plan. You can achieve all what you dream about, if you’re consistent. The rush to anything.


Changes in life you can not avoid. Showing map of “Tower” promises you change. Your world is falling apart, closing the door of the past. At first you may be taken aback to the changes, which will burst into your life, but eventually realize that they are the better. “Justice” promises to representatives of your sign of prosperity in the future. Any trouble that blackened your reputation will disappear, and you will be able to enjoy the freedom and good mood.

“Moon” speaks of the Providence that leads you directly to the goal. On the way Scorpions will be many Signs indicating the right path to success and safety in case of emergency.


The archers in the week from 4 to 10 December will feel lucky. Above you literally lit a lucky star. “The Hierophant” reported that all your plans ready to be implemented. The Lasso is considered to be one of the most successful, and a scenario in Sagittarius indicates a happy coincidence. “Wheel of fortune” also promises changes that will positively affect your financial well-being. You see a lot of perspectives presented by Fate. Choose what you like.

Arkan “Strength” speaks for itself. You have all the prerequisites for development. Do not delay, and you will have time to complete all this year, getting surprises for Christmas. Act boldly, as capricious fortune favors people willing to take risks for the sake of a happy future.


Capricorn to overcome personal fears and the lull before the upcoming changes. This is evidenced by the card “the Hanged man”. Its importance in case — warning that in life there are no accidents. Your actions have led you to a fork, and you are thinking about the future. “Lovers” make Capricorns the successful completion of cases, as well as establishing personal relationships. On this map you will be lucky, but it should be earned for good behavior.

“Emperor” tells about implementation of the plans that you long nurtured. Your abilities are enough new feats and accomplishments and this Lasso calls for decisive action.


Aquarius expect a week filled with movement and open to you prospects. “The hermit” in your case is responsible for your inner state. You have a plan you are ready to implement, and the strength to overcome difficulties. “Wheel of fortune” spins, not allowing you to retreat. You are destined to fight for their ideals, and that time has come.

The moon lights your path, pointing in the right direction. Aquarians need to submit to Fate, trust the inner voice and refuse the advice of others. You will achieve all he had dreamed, only thanks to its own abilities.


Fish will be active first half of the week. Card “the Chariot” refers to the bustle and movement. The Arcana calls not to sit still, otherwise you will miss many great deals. Settle for trips and visits in which you will be able to change your life. The Empress promises you reliable protection in the face of powerful women. Maybe it’s your CEO or person in power. In any case, you should not refuse the offered assistance.

But the end of the week, judging by the number of Fish to the Arcanum “the Hanged man”, speaks of some doubts and anxieties. Your internal tension and reluctance to look around may lead to wrong decisions. Be careful: around you are brewing some events. If they pass without your participation, you risk losing a lot.

Tarot reading is a reflection of your actions and thoughts. Any card in the forecast — not the absolute truth, but only offer the opportunity. You analyze cards, examples of their values on my life. So be careful when making plans for the coming week. Clues are given, and Fate is in your hands.