Tarot forecast for the week of 28 August to 3 September 2017

Tarot — the ancient way of predicting the future, proven by centuries. Using exact alignment, you can plan your week to avoid many problems and bring your life happiness, love and prosperity.

The Tarot deck was created in the 19th century mystic and esoterica Arthur the rider Waite. Divination system quickly established itself in the high society of the time: hands on her Arcana was distinguished by remarkable precision. Knowledge of the principles of divination and the construction was passed down from master to disciples gradually came to the present day. In the art of guessing the future by Tarot cards there are many subtleties: the outcome of the divination depends on the state of the Tarot reader, deck and location of the Higher forces.

Tarology site dailyhoro. EN trained in the skill of predicting the future from the best masters of his craft. Are the deck has been charged to work with the subtle energies, and the process of preparation for divination takes a few hours and will include meditation-tuning into the energy of the arcane, visualization, mental map projections, and appeal to the spirits-patrons, helps you accurately decipher each message card.


Aries Tarot forecast for the week promises a lot of family problems. Map “the last judgment” indicates a family meeting and discussion of important news related to your family.

Card “the Hanged man” predicts full immersion into family problems and the need to understand them to the end. Map “World” predicts the abundance of opportunities and a successful outcome is all concerning you and situations with your nearest and dearest people.


Taurus weekly scenario promises a reward for past efforts. Showing map of “Moderation” speaks about the right of the selected line of conduct, that flusters you situation or relationship. It is in this position, you will be able to achieve incredible success: this tells the card “the Sun”.

Card “the high Priestess” warns that by the end of next week will be too early to draw final conclusions. It is likely that major discoveries are still ahead, but the situation as a whole suggests that the interchange will not have to wait too long.


Gemini the coming week promises the beginning of a complete rebirth in the spirit. Showing map of “Death” points to the need for radical changes, which you couldn’t do before. Card “the Fool” says that the changes will come anyway and will initiate a new period in your life.

The combination of the first two cards of the alignment with the map “the high priest” promises new knowledge and awareness of the true causes of those or other actions of people close to you. The balance in the General calls you to wisdom, and warns of the beginning of a new life.


For those born under the constellation Cancer weekly Tarot forecast is a warning. Card “the Chariot” indicates a possible long trip, relocation or forced change of plans. In any case, you should be careful and avoid possible manipulation by others. Warns you about this card “the Hanged man”.

Card “the high priestess” indicates that you need to know more information about any event or new proposal, which will appear in your life this week. Beware of deception and trust your intuition to avoid problems.


According to Tarot forecast is that of the Lions in the coming week will have to reconsider some plans. Map “Star” indicates the presence of a main dream or important cases, entirely occupying your thoughts. Card “the Hermit” heralds the need to give up this dream and to reconsider their attitude to the means by which you intend to use to achieve their goals.

Map “the last judgement” warns of the law of Karma and the retribution of justice in the case that your methods will be dishonest or will not meet your notions of justice.


Virgo border this summer-autumn week promises profound changes in the energy level. Map “high priest” in conjunction with the card “Empress” suggests that your main life lesson is passed, and the mistakes of the past paid off.

Card the Chariot suggests that you are waiting for the imminent change for the better, based on understanding of past experiences and the recognition of their mistakes. Don’t be afraid to take the first step towards a new life and most likely, you will not regret your choice.


Libra the balance in the Tarot deck said anything about luck that will accompany you throughout the coming week. Map “Star” combined with the card “the Sun” indicates successful implementation of the desired event. Don’t be afraid to take risks, and most likely, will not keep itself waiting long.

Map the Empress promises a harmonious end of the week. Probably, you will have a pleasant acquaintance, communication with important human and inevitable attainment of inner harmony.


Scorpions coming week can bring great disappointment and the collapse of important plans. Map “the Emperor” indicates an extremely significant event or person of authority, and a following card “the Tower” speaks of the complete destruction of your plans or established ideas about the significant personality. Be prepared to count only on themselves and to leave some persistent illusions.

Map “the last judgment” points to the need to deal with the expected state of Affairs and not to try to redraw everything in his own way. In the end, all shocks will do you good and help you change your life for the better.


Vigorous Riflemen card layout warns
making important decisions next week. Map “Wheel of fortune” in conjunction with the card Temperance promises a smooth transition from the stress and conflicts with others to calm and harmonize. In this state, you will be able to make a choice that haunts you for a long time.

Card “the Magician” predicts the beginning of a new period in all areas of your life, as well as restart and cleansing your energy centers from someone else’s negative energy hindering you to live a full and happy life.


Capricorns forthcoming week promises to be complicated and filled with contradictions. Card “the Empress” in conjunction with the card “the Tower” speaks about a possible fight with the inner circle and realize the true causes of your recent failures.

Map “MAG” indicates the restructuring of the energy field and the successful beginning of new things that will help you find inner harmony and inspiration. Don’t be afraid to take risks, and your wildest dreams can come true in a short time.


Aquarius Tarot reading for the week warns of a possible failure in the coming week. Card “the Hermit” tells of the forced solitude and immersion in yourself. Map “the World” refers to the abundance of possibilities and new plans that will require immediate action.

Showing map of “Tower” warns of complete collapse of your hopes if you fail to take decisive action to bring your goals to life. Try not to waste your time on dreams and not be afraid of reasonable risk in the name of growth.


Pisces Tarot reading for the week of 28 August to 3 September brings good luck in the romantic sphere of life. Map “Lovers” in combination with map “MAG” predicts a new acquaintance, is rapidly developing into a novel, or a new round in an already existing relationship with a loved one.

Map “the World” tells about new possibilities for your relationship and the joint global plans that will come true if you want it badly enough. Don’t be afraid to take risks and trust your second half: according to the scenario, it can bring you great happiness.

Guessing on the feelings of a loved one will help you to know how strong and sincere his feelings. We wish you a good week and great weekend. Be happy, to smile