Tarot forecast for the week from 11 to 17 September 2017

A deck of “Tarot of the consequences” was developed by the famous tarragon Waite, and it is popular for over a century. Using Tarot readings, you can learn their own future and choose the path that will lead you to success.

Work with a deck of Tarot cards, which came to us from distant India, will allow you to plunge into the fantastic world of predictions. Any card is a time capsule in your hands, able to tell you about what awaits you in the future. However, working with maps is not just a description of coming events. This analysis and choosing the right path based on the alignment of three cards showing your past, present, and future.

Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru recommend everyone to look carefully at the maps and to perform a prediction, correlating it with his life. Amazing and mysterious world of the future, presented in the maps, will help to prepare you to confront changes and events.


Rams this week expects summing up the interim results of activities and further development. Map “Hermit” suggests that you ponder the future, looking for the right path to success. “Hierophant” is the immediate action that you will perform. Your authority will help implement the plan.

The card “Death” promises the end of the next road section and your willingness to let go of past events. Opening a new door, don’t forget to leave the past behind. Tarologi advised not to return to it, in order not to endanger their own well-being.


For Taurus in the coming week is filled with active actions directed on the decision of the questions connected with the business sector. Card “the Hanged man” means your restraint and patience, the willingness to take the next step. The chariot suggests that Calves have a lot of hustle and bustle associated with the establishment of new contacts, possible business trips away from home.

The map of the consequences of “Loving” promises Taurus final choice based on rational judgments and conclusions. Make decisions based on the arguments of reason, as intuition this week you can bring.


Twins of the week from 11 to 17 September to undergo radical changes. Showing map of “Court” says that you need to shake it up and let go of the past, learn to be tolerant of their surroundings and prepare for action. Showing map of “Tower” is the fall and the debunking of your erroneous judgment. She says the collapse of your illusory conceptions of reality and calls to action to achieve well-being.

Map “Loving” promises to the Twins active in the support of loved ones and partners, who in difficult times will stretch you a helping hand. Don’t dismiss their advice, which may be your only chance to succeed. Luck will bring a collective work, but only with the full understanding and trust.


Cancers this week will experience changes, both personally and with the business sector. Map “Sun” means the willingness to active actions and achievements that you planned. “Tower” in your life plays the role of a debunking of the prevailing opinion and a sharp twist of fate.

The chariot promises a long road to recovery after possible loss or severe disruption, and also the road to honor and success, which you will build on the ashes of the loss of confidence in loved ones or business partners.


Lviv is expecting a busy week associated with active labor. Map “the Sun” says that you are set up for success and you have all the chances to show off his knowledge and skills to earn honor and high position. “Court” is a call to action. The lions need to be patient and move forward as the delay may have a negative impact on your performance.

“Peace” talks about the success of the actions taken, the honor and glory that you earn through hard work. The card promises you a successful outcome and completion of the next leg. This map of enjoyment and celebration of life, on which you will attend as the main character.


Virgo this week is a difficult choice. Map “Hermit” suggests that you are somewhat removed from the cases and reflect on further steps. “Moderation” in your scenario is the weighted decision — making, the choice between two actions and the observance of a balance, which will help you to achieve success.

Map “the Court” calls for strong and decisive action, the disclosure of secrets and the knowledge of reality, not always pleasant. Experts recommend to accept the inevitable and to follow reason, not to make hasty steps on your emotions.


Libra this week will help the intuition. Your senses will be sharpened to the limit and the success you will have to separate only the indecision and doubt. “The high priestess” suggests that you have a reliable backers who will support you in a hard case. “Justice” for Libra is balance and choosing the right solution that promises successful completion of the planned enterprise.

Your actions will be in plain sight, so Weights it is important to remember the dignity. Card “the Magician” will allow you to gain confidence and take command of the people in their hands, to lead the team to success, to win the case, recognizing their power and influence.


Scorpios need to spend this week with maximum caution. According to the draw the card “the Fool”, you are in blissful ignorance while on your person, dark clouds. The devil warns against rash decisions. After learning the unexpected news, you can begin to act recklessly, which will not lead to the results which you expect. You need to balance and weigh every decision.

Guiding card “the Star” promises you a long journey, filled with joyful expectations. You should leave behind the doubt and go safely to success. Do not ignore relatives who can help you in difficult times and with the height of his experience to suggest the right solution.


Tarot forecast for Sagittarius this week is favorable. Map the Empress suggests that you are sufficiently prepared for action in all spheres of life. Your success will depend on the correctness of the chosen path. “Hierophant” is your knowledge and inner strength, which you should direct the achievement of goals.

Map “the Power” means that you have the inner core and a real chance to become the first in the business, if you believe in your own success and be able to ignore the opinions of people around you, many of which are jealous of your popularity.


Capricorns are advised to exercise caution and keep your ideas a secret from strangers. Map “Justice” means that you are ready to embark on the difficult path to success through the hardships and put you deserve a reward. “Chariot” means that you have a lot of work, moving associated with your activity.

Showing map of “Tower” is debunking the stereotypes and assistance from influential person who will open your eyes to what is happening around. You will be able to see the full picture and leave behind things and people that affect your operations due to selfish motives.


Showing map of “Tower” for you will be the starting point in new life.You need to prepare for the inevitable changes in life and start a new path with my head held high. In Aquarius this week, there are all prerequisites in order to implement their ideas. The card “Strength”.

Map “the Devil” calls for moderation and deliberate steps. In your life will be temptations, to resist which it will be difficult, but thanks to the inner strength you will be able to overcome their weaknesses and to continue implementing their plans.


For Fish this week will be filled with surprises and sudden twists of fate. The Empress reflects your inner state, self-discipline and a willingness to take decisive action. “Tower” will conclude your case and open doors to new aspirations and hopes. Fish should learn to leave the past behind and be ready for new challenges.

“Hierophant” is your ambitions and desires that you will be able to implement due to its remarkable abilities, and the support of loved ones, fighting for your success. Also, this map promises a win-win business, after which you will have reason to celebrate this great event with friends and family.

Any alignment of Tarot cards gives you the opportunity to appreciate the scale of future events and choose the best path that will lead you to success. This week, many Zodiac Signs will need additional sources of forces for action. Recharge your batteries you will be able with the help of dynamic meditation. We wish you good luck and success