Tarantino called the beloved hero of his movies

Tarantino called the beloved hero of his movies

Tarantino loves Hans Landa.

Quentin Tarantino called the beloved hero of his movies and once again took care of the loophole, which will help him to break his own promise to retire from directing after ten shot films.

At the Jerusalem film festival, where he brought to spacekase his “pulp fiction”, Tarantino told about the best, in his opinion, invented the character: “Landa — best of my writing heroes. And I hardly ever write something more grandiose. When I started to think he wasn’t a linguistic genius. He seems to be the only Nazi in history who spoke Yiddish”.

Tarantino also told the story of the signing of the Austrian Christoph Waltz for the role of Hans Landa in the film “Inglourious Basterds”: “I wanted the Germans played Germans and spoke German. The problem was that I needed an actor who would own time. I began to worry because I didn’t want to make a movie if I don’t find the perfect Landa. On the search I have remained one week, and then I saw Christoph Waltz. I immediately realized that this is what I need. He gave at once everything we wanted. He was just stunning. When he was finished the samples, we delight struggled in hysterics. We just yelled at him: “Oh my God, you are amazing, you are fantastic! Oh my God! Thank you, thank you, thank you!””.

The role standartenfuhrer Hans Landa brought Christoph Waltz an Oscar, a Golden globe, a BAFTA Film Award and a prize at the Cannes film festival.

Quentin Tarantino continues to remind his decision to leave directing after ten captured (only books, plays and kignorecase). This time his answer was less categorical: “I plan to stay on ten movies, but when I’m 75, I can change my mind”.

Today in the filmography Tarantino eight paintings (series and collaboration are not in the bill, “Kill bill” is considered one project). Over the past year Quentin has shown interest in several projects, but have not yet decided what he would do after the “Disgusting eight”.

The Director is thinking to move to the screen a novel-Western “Forty lashes minus one” of his favorite writer Elmore Leonard . The project has one indisputable advantage. Tarantino wants to shoot it in the format of the series that will automatically exclude a project from the list of film credits and extends the life of a movie. Also, the Director recalled that is still burning military drama “Crow-killer” — a spin-off of “inglorious bastards,” about a runaway black soldiers in Europe.

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