Talk about the novel, Olga Orlova and Simon Morgantina broke out in a network with a new force

So, in a network there was a lot of speculation that the leading reality show- too preoccupied and mean person who doesn’t even think of the concept of tact, and how because of his antics she looks in the eyes of fans of the youth show. Especially because a girl like behavior was observed for the first time, the website life-dom2.su.

Viewers are convinced, talking about the fact that Simon Mardanshin had been in the room leading is not the gossip of ill-wishers, and unofficial relations Orlova and member telestroke far from friendly, although both try to deny it.

“Who cares who deals with magic, the elderly aunt Orlov!”, “Yes, in principle, that’s her business who to share a bed” – said the youth fans of the TV show.