Sylvester Stallone spoke about the education of daughters

After spending most of his life on the set of actor Sylvester Stallone realized that it is important in life. According to Sly, he missed a lot of time earning millions, but actually just needed to be around family and share with them important moments.

Stallone is married to American model Jennifer flavin. Mannequin under his chosen one for 22 years, however, this did not prevent them to create a strong and beautiful family. Married to Stallone flavin gave birth to three beautiful daughters: Sofia (1996), Cystin (1998) and Scarlet (2002), personal life which sly now guarded with particular zeal.

“Alas, I worked for months, hanging out on the set, here and there, and children almost never seen,” laments the actor. — Thinking that the main thing — more money for them to earn. But over the years I realized that no matter what happened in his career — nothing is more important than my family. And now I try to be present in the lives of her daughters constantly. The morning begins with them, and in the evening I have no wish Goodnight. I told them that would not let men to his daughters until they turn 40. Of course, I was joking. But try for the girls to keep an eye… Sophia are Boyfriends, younger until complete. One former boy Sofia had long trained to a sturdy handshake was… Yes, it’s hard to me to be the case. And my daughters always been a challenge. “Here comes the daughter of rocky!” Or, “Look, daughter of the Rambo!””.

However, girls Stallone can do it without the help of the Pope, after all, something he still managed to teach them: “I taught them to box. So my girls can strike, if need be, to fight back — is proud of Sylvester. And you know, it is great. And anyway, our family decided to do sports”.


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