Svetlana Svetlichnaya: “I really like that I like men”

Legendary actress arrived in a mini-skirt and showed slender legs

Honoured artist of Russia Svetlana Svetlichnaya recently created a furore in Tula, where he opened the XVIII festival of comedies “smile, Russia”. At the ceremony, where she presented the award “For contribution to Comedy,” she arrived in a stylish black outfit and one of their amazing hats, which, as you know, she makes herself. And the star of “Brilliant hands” did not hesitate to wear a mini and show others incredibly slender legs. Your choice of attire Svetlana afanasevna has prokomentiroval lack of complexes.

“I am leaving nature, it’s true. Because I today is 77 years. And you allow me to vandalize. And it’s important. If girls my age who love cinema, Comedy and tragedy, didn’t take it to heart. They look at me when I wear shorts or like today, a mini as you can afford sixteen-year-old — said Svetlana afanasevna. — But I like the rowdy — in a good way. Women never thought about the fact that in 77 years not to love. I’m not saying who. And generally love life. And in its different variations. But I guess I allow it because I have a picture of my favorite and critics write about me… lately, they ask me, “Svetlana, who do you like in your circle? I think about men, but say about yourself. I said, “I like Svetlana Svetlichnaya and I really like that I like men“.

Also Svetlana afanasevna has admitted that recently got rid of complexes, as well as going in the 77 years to become a screenwriter.

“The fact that autumn is a sad time of year, I wouldn’t say that. I was recently in the Baltic States. I then called and said: “We want to invite you to the festival “Shorter“. It is a festival of short films. And I thought: why don’t I write a short film? At the moment I began to believe and stopped shy of some elementary desires. And I think that after the film festival “smile, Russia” I will write the screenplay, which will be called “smile”. And the name carries the energy, it is important. Here I am very grateful to my parents that when they had a girl working, they knew that it was supposed to be called Svetlana,” concluded the actress.

In the process of communication with colleagues, the actress admitted that she found the secret of youth: “we Need to take care that the soul was without wrinkles. And face is even beautiful. Especially in men,” concluded the star.