Svetlana Loboda was involved in the scandalous clip Alexey Panin

Svetlana Loboda unwittingly in the center of the scandal with the release of the clip is Alexei Panin. Stas Kostyushkin said that in the video mentions her name, but the singer has nothing to do with him. The artist tried to achieve a ban of the movie, loosely based on his song, but so far his attempts have not crowned success.

Svetlana Loboda got into trouble. A few weeks previously Alexey Panin has declared about filming their own clip. In the filming process was attended by the actress of films for adults, and the video was quite provocative. As it turned out, the author of the song Panina is Stas Kostyushkin. He wrote the lyrics and gave it to Panin, but the clip does not have any relationship. Now Kostyushkin and told about the attitude of the video of Svetlana Loboda.

The fact that in the scandalous video mentioned the name of the singer. Because of this, she was quick to criticize, they say, it is also about the scandalous work of Alexei Panin. As told Kostyushkin, in fact, Svetlana has no relationship to the clip. Why it mentions the name of the singer, do not understand.

The actor said that his side tried to make it so that the clip of Alexis was blocked. With his indirect participation in it, he can still accept, but not understand, and in this situation, Svetlana Loboda.

“I guess I was funny, because I wrote a song. But I’m totally not funny. Now suffering more and Light.. I’m okay, with me already figured out. But Light got to do with anything? Calm down, brothers!” — angry singer.

Alexey situation with Svetlana Loboda has not commented, but from his clip, apparently, does not intend to abandon. Earlier Kostyushkin demanded an explanation for the lyrics, but Panin was assured that the clip — the usual banter, and it should not be taken seriously.